Space Clearing is a way of cleansing and harmonising a space – be it  home, office, car, boat or some other area.

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Ultimately, you want your home to be all yours don’t you? A home full of lovely things, just as you like it, with a warm, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

What you don’t want is negative energy interrupting your peace of mind in your own home!

Every house or space sucks in and absorbs energy. Consider this – things that are part of every day life – illness, arguments, money troubles, life pressures and stresses, worry, or even too much of the wrong TV material can have an adverse effect on you and your home.

And that’s not to mention that most of us live in ‘second-hand’ homes, where multiple previous occupants may have left their energetic mark.

For many people, they will feel something is not right, but may not be aware of how to identify it or get rid of it.

With Space Clearing you can create a home and space that nourishes and restores you in a totally positive way.

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Below is a case history for a lady that Michael Knight and I did a space clearing for. She was so impressed with the difference in her demeanour and home, after just one week of being cleared, that she wrote the following account of the experience.

Every time we see this lady she glows radiantly and is now very hopeful and full of optimism for her life. She no longer feels anxious or scared in her own home and her eating habits have stabilised and the really great news is that she no longer feels the need to smoke cigarettes anymore!!

Case Study

CC’s Story in her own words

I initially had a reading with Elizabeth, which I found amazingly accurate and inspiring. We then started chatting about my life and some of the experiences I had been going through and I mentioned that while developing my psychic skills, I hadn’t protected myself enough and for a number of years I had been having strange experiences in my house.

I would see dark shapes from the corner of my eye, felt that there was a presence around me and generally I was constantly scared. Even when I watched TV, I would feel anxious and nervous and never really felt like I could relax. Winters and night-time were the worst and I would always be on edge, especially when I was on my flat on my own.

Although I had more recently learned to protect myself, for example by surrounding myself with light before going to bed, I still felt scared. The most frightening experience occurred a couple of years earlier when I woke up in the middle of the night and felt something heavy and dark push down on my chest, although there was nobody else there at the time!

Elizabeth listened to me (I had never shared this with anyone else because I felt they wouldn’t believe me or might think I was crazy, so it felt very liberating to be able to share this with her!) and she immediately suggested that she and Michael could do a space clearing in my flat.

I had never really thought about the possibility of doing this but I was so excited at the prospect of finally feeling at ease in my own home and arranged for them to come over a couple of days later.

During those few days, I felt as though whatever was in my flat knew that it would be leaving soon and I had to work even harder to protect myself, because it was as if they were using my fear to feed their energy even more.

On the day, as soon as Elizabeth and Michael came into my flat, although I hadn’t told them which rooms in my flat I felt scared in, they said they could feel that there was definitely something in the bedroom, living and bathroom. Funnily enough, they didn’t feel anything in the kitchen, where I spent many happy hours cooking and always felt at ease.

The clearing consisted of a number of ‘rituals’ with candles, incense, rattles and drums. In the living room, Michael asked me if I had ever watched horror films and I confirmed that many years ago I used to watch them and other similar programs with friends. He asked me if I ever felt scared when I watched TV and I again replied that I was always on edge and anxious when watching TV in my flat to, which Michael replied that there was an entity above the TV and that he would get rid of it.

In the bedroom, Michael and Elizabeth felt that there was a spirit that I had probably picked up many years ago (when I often used to drink alcohol) and it was hiding behind the door. Michael asked me if I ever shut the door at night and I replied that that’s exactly what I did because I felt so scared in the dark.

I was amazed to find out that I had unknowingly been locking the spirit in my room with me at night, wrongly thinking that I was safer with the door closed!

With the protection of the angels, Michael and Elizabeth asked the angels to take the spirit away and treat it with compassion and love and it was gone. At that point I felt like crying as if I too had been released of this dark negative energy.

Michael also cleared the bathroom where he had rightly identified that I also felt scared while having a shower. Unlike the spirit which had been living in my bedroom who I picked up somewhere in the past, the entity in the bathroom was a thought form which I had created myself but which still had been able to scare me.

Finally, he also cut cords around me, following on from the work that Elizabeth had already done following my reading with her. They also gave me lots of advice on protection, including crystals I could use and useful techniques, which I could continue practicing for myself.

There is one word that I can use to describe how I felt immediately after the clearing: Lighter.

It was as if a huge burden had been taken off my shoulders and I didn’t feel anxious anymore. Over the next few days, although I expected the changes to be sudden after the space clearing, they were actually much more gradual and gentle but still very powerful.

Michael and Elizabeth had told me that I may still feel scared for a few days, however this was only my ego and that the flat was clear. This is indeed what happened. For a couple of days, I still felt on edge however I listened to my gut instinct and inner voice and knew that it was just my rational mind creating the fear, because in reality there was nothing there.

After about a week, everything had changed. I now truly knew and felt that my flat was clear and I finally felt free. I felt encouraged to start developing my psychic skills again, knowing how to protect myself and not feeling scared that what happened years ago would take place again.

Elizabeth and Michael were absolutely fantastic. They kept me involved in the whole process and encouraged me to take part. This really helped me because it gave me back control of the situation and took my fear away.
I used to feel that whatever was living in my flat was more powerful than me and was controlling me, making me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in my own home.

Now I know deep down that that’s not the case and I feel much stronger in myself. I am amazed at the changes, which have taken place over one week.

For years, I have been living in fear. I was so scared all the time that I was completely discouraged from developing my psychic skills, thinking that if I pursued this I would only make things worse and attract even more dark things!

I can honestly say that what Michael and Elizabeth did has changed my life.

They both have a strong positive energy, which feels very powerful and is full of light.

Although I initiated contact with them when I was ready to receive help, the whole experience has been wonderful and they felt like two angels entering my life.


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