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Hello to You and thank you for visiting RosyLife.

‘Rosylife’ is my way to describe living in a state of reality that gets you what you need to feel happy and safe, in a way that helps everyone, hurts no one and also makes a contribution to the world.

Impossible? For some maybe but thankfully there are so many more people out there who believe a good and happy life is their earthly right. Everyone is entitled to contentment and peace and you can grasp this with both hands. There are always choices and alternatives, and all of us can use a helping hand at times. That’s why I developed Rosylife.

I have come through a lifetime of struggle – of being in the dark – lost, lonely and desperately unhappy at times. I felt I couldn’t do anything right for decades. But no matter how tough life kept on coming at me, I realised that I had to find a way to cope and move on from mere survival. I wanted to be happy and to thrive – just like I saw others doing.  I wanted that for myself.  And I guess it was that desire that pushed me on to seeking further and deeper until I found some answers.

And just at the right moment – the Angels came to me and started to help me make sense of stuff that had happened to me. For all my dark experiences, I have been very blessed with some light and blissful experiences too and wonderful connections with people along the way. I have been sent the most amazing healers and teachers and facilitators – God Bless each and every one of them – as they are all jewels in my journey.

And then I realised I had to become my own healer and teacher as well.  It wasn’t enough to ask others to do it all for me anymore. There always needs to be a healthy mix of receiving and giving – a co-creation if you like.

A while ago I got myself a Rosy Life and things changed. Getting Rosylife for me meant an end to searching around in the dark, feeling pretty powerless and often worthless. I can now live in growing happiness, achieving my dreams (quite literally) and settling down. I work to support others do the very same thing on their personal journey, alongside continuing my own personal and professional development. Of course that doesn’t mean that life isn’t without its challenges – because life’s flow is cyclic and there will always be change, tests and growth. As well though – there is always the light to re-balance me and that’s how it is now.

I know that if I can get through my stuff – then others can get through their stuff too.  The saying “its hard for me” is true for us all – but the other truth “All is possible in Love” is also just as present.  My shadow experiences gave me much value of understanding and empathy. Together we can walk the path towards inner peace.

I work closely with you in support as you work towards living a happier and more satisfying life. Help yourself and be inspired! These are my simple and heartfelt truths.

I work with people who are at various different stages in their lives. Some people are already in their flow and want more depth and spiritual content in their lives.

However, its just as typical that I work with people who are frustrated, stressed, fed up, desperate, lonely, confused, lacking in direction, awareness or focus and who are generally unhappy in life and don’t know what to do next for the best.

If any or all of this sounds like you – then we could work together and get great results that allow you to make sustained change for the better.

Today I work as a successful Angel Therapist™ Psychic, Clairvoyant, Healer and Spiritual Life Coach. I use various healing techniques such as Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy®, Angel ReadingsAngelic Reiki Healing, Emotion Code, Spiritual Life Coaching, NLP and Past Life Regression Therapy,  and Shamanics,as well as offering  My skills cover a wide range of services all designed to assist you in achieving your dreams.

It is my goal to help the world to smile just a little more and I look forward to working with you to that end soon.

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