By now you will likely have got the message that a new year brings a new start and a potential new You, but that some form of Change is required to bring it on.  

During our lifetime we will experience many forms of creation. It is within the destiny of all of us to expand, grow, learn and evolve.

In fact we are creating all the time if we did but know it! At our core we are all master manifestors and alchemicalising isn’t new or beyond us at all – in fact – it is our inherent natural talent.

Change can be effected through dealing with the cause and effect or karma from our previous lives. There is also the karma of our ancestral family lines to deal with. Finally there is the personal To Do list that each of us come in with. 

So when it comes to starting afresh and mixing things up for the better we already have skills!!

Knowing how we might prefer to create is so helpful. Each of us will undergo unconscious attracting, conscious attracting, unconscious creating and conscious creating.

We can intend to be a better version of our self, or build a deeper universal awareness, or create a family, or a business & career, or wealth, or a vocation and cause.

We may be originators of new content, products or operations (see the lack and fulfil it). Otherwise we can be exponents of the tried and tested methodologies of others… It’s a personal choice.

But our Design-for-Life should challenge and stretch us, whilst also giving us our greatest joys, peace and hope.

At times though, we can also sabotage ourselves or the environment around us and create negatively as well.

So it’s is really helpful to be conscious, mindful and fluent of what you manifest, how, when and why. 

Materialism, Curiosity, Success, Advancing – all have a place in our lives and we all love them!  But without purpose they are meaningless.

To supersize our happiness, each of us must, at some point, determine what our purpose is or be consigned to drift in a sea of grey fog and uncertainty about the point of life at all. 

2018 is a great energetic time to set yourself a new goal or resolution of positive change for your life.

Below are some tips to help you with succeed with all that. 

If however you feel the need for support or further clarity I am happy to help. Sometimes it’s very useful to clean sweep or heal your energy before starting a new project. Other times you can benefit from a coach’s expertise, input and energetic boost.

I wonder if you’ve made lots of goals and resolutions or perhaps you’re shying away from all that either because
(1) you’re in the middle of a crisis or big transition
(2) you’re not sure what to ask for
(3) you don’t want to put yourself up only to fail or quit…

(1) Life Battles – If you are in a crisis or big change then just dealing with all that is a major achievement in itself and all the new energies and new starts will still be there when you have more time and energy on tap.

Instead of thinking what more you may need to do – focus instead – on how you can avoid feeling guilty or falling into over-duty traps and strike a balance.  If you need healing just to revive your senses – then take what you need.  A healthier you is a more productive you.

(2) Lack of Clarity –  it is true that many people have a generic or vague idea of what they want, but not necessarily a workable concept of specifics.

The point here is that not knowing more accurately what you need to be asking for, as well as the purest, undiluted reasons for asking, can be quite a stumbling block to your powers of manifestation.  Allow yourself some proper thinking and evaluating time to get to the bottom of why you need the desired goal and start from there.

(3) Lack of Commitment – finally if you’re holding back from committing and putting yourself on the accountable line – then you run the risk of living life at a dull, grey, half-power that gets you nowhere fast and leaves you in an endless hum-drum fog.

We’ve all been hit by Procrastination & Prevarication at times.  The key is not to allow it to dominate for extended periods – at best these states should be very short.

Never give up on your Happiness! 2018 has 365 days for you to get inspired enough to take positive action. You and Your life is Worthy of it!

2018 is the numerological number of 11 – so here’s 11 top tips to help you achieve your resolutions

1. Desire vs Willpower – Know that willpower will only get you so far before you run out of it to achieve.  If you have strong negatives – they will sap the strength of your willpower very quickly. Remember these blocks that have dogged you in the past and they need to be overcome this time around, for you to succeed.

Dig deep to identify the motivational archetype of each of them – is it ego, saboteur, punisher, and how can that be turned into a nurturer, friend/companion, achiever, hero? Ask for help if you need to do this with someone who is fluent in this healing.

2. Focus – the best approach is to make a strategic plan, rather than just a naming a goal.  Implement small perfectly formed realistic levels of achievement and frequency, that together form an overall journey towards the final destination.

It is better to break down your outcome down into separate phases (as in this list). Then you only need to focus on the stage directly in front of you to be actioned and completed, before trying to impatiently run before you can walk and looking only at the end result as the only perfection or progress.

3. Timing – You have all the time in the world to achieve your goal.  So give yourself this support by not expecting to have it nailed super quickly.  There will be moments of progress and relapse in a Change journey – so draw on your inner tenacity and keep going.

Be kind to yourself. Don’t loose momentum by looking for instant gratification. Permanent change takes time, investment and effort. Quick Change doesn’t last.

Remember – start with an easier and manageable timeline rather than setting an unrealistic agenda –  e.g. Don’t think about visiting a gym daily if you are struggling to visit a gym once a week.

4. Pros – Write down the reasons why you want to do this and really put some emotion and energy into them.

The Pros will get you to the end goal.

5. Cons – Write down the blocks you have to the reasons and start to self-talk and manage them differently about them. Clearing the source of them is vital to success.

The Cons will stop you getting to the end goal.

6. Vision – Put those lists side by side and compare them often only to vision board the positives.  Invest emotionally, mentally, physically & energetically in the new you or way – put the picture everywhere – send it love and light constantly from your heart, mind, body & soul.

Working to understand how these dreams can positively affect the way you feel about yourself and the desired outcome enhances your effort.

7. Buddy Up – it is sometimes invigorating and sometimes challenging to change your life.  Connect with a coach, healer, buddy or group or social media forum to help you get there.  Good support is non-judgmental, tolerant but honest as well.

If you’re working more socially – it is crucial for your network/buddy to be those who are really in the same head-space as you – i.e. those who are willing and ready to action change and walk the talk.  It is not helpful to be connect with others who are only at the conceptual / unhealed stage.

8. Preparation – this is actually a progressive step and is always an essential step of any successful venture.  Failure to properly plan means you are sadly un-consciously preparing to fail.

This step can be misunderstood as an active part of the process of change, as often there is assumption that getting going is all that counts.  It is not. Set yourself up thoroughly to succeed!

Before you even start action – examine what preparations are needed to support you beforehand. e.g. if you decide you want to work out before going to work – firstly you need to go to bed earlier several nights before to enable you to get up earlier and perhaps set 2 alarms – one of which requires you getting out of bed to switch off…you get the picture.

9. Healing – Accept that different parts of you may have conflicting ideas on how to live. Some will be positive and others will be lazy/unmotivated/negative. Choose which side you are on.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself ‘I Love You’ 10 times over and then follow the positive inner voice.

10. Start Day!  Don’t wait till 9am on Monday to get going.  Once your preparations are satisfied, take action and do it right away. Warning- You may start to feel good about yourself!

Alternatively, there may Not come a day when you actually feel like going down to the gym at 6am on a cold rainy morning, but there can be a day when you do it anyway and feel fantastic about it afterwards.

11. Celebrate – BIG every single time you choose to back yourself and take even the tiniest step towards positive growth.  Make each choice count and build into a continuum right to the end goal.

Once you are doing that which you most want or need to do – make the time to stop and notice just how you feel about yourself.

If you relapse – forgive and move on – don’t treat your venture as ruined – try, try again until you succeed.

Observe what encouragement comes your way once you start to take affirmative action and get used to liking it.  Keep going until you reach your goal – prove to yourself that You Can Do This!

If you need help with getting started and feel that there is a deeper block you just can’t overcome yourself – and there might be – then call on me and we can work through it together.

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