Shamanic healings are always mystical, magical, musical and earthy events.

Shamanic Healing

These healings will take you on a unique, powerful and colourful journey, that will enhance your understanding of self and the worlds around you.

Shamanism is an ancient birthright for all mankind and its presence has long been established in every ancient culture and tribe. It has been handed down through eons of time from when our ancestors lived in tune with Nature, its cycles and all the elements of the planet.

During a typical healing session, I will work with any number of Nature’s elements that make up this beautiful world of ours. I combine elements of Hawaiian, Native American and Celtic traditions along side the Angelic, Animal, Crystal and Star realms.  A healing can also often involve drum and rattle work and may bring forth a variety of sounds and actions from the Shaman. This energy work is very thorough indeed and can be fast paced.

If you have some understanding of our wonderful Spiritual connection, or like your magic to be more natural and earthy and are just innately connected to the planet – then a course of Shamanic healing could be for you.

Shamanic Healing can be done in person or remotely.

Timeline 50 minutes to 1 hour

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D, Worthing
Elizabeth thank you so much for the wonderful treatment you gave me. I carried good feelings round with me for the next two weeks! Many thanks again for the spiritual experience!

Case Study

CS, London

I had picked up a mystery illness and shoulder injury, which literally had me in agony. Conventional medicine and hospital visits could not get to the bottom of it and even seemed to make matters worse.

Painkillers were doing little to alleviate the condition and I was near the end of my tether.

Luckily I found Elizabeth and she immediately suggested shamanic healing, as she felt I needed something very powerful to heal both the physical symptoms and the effects on my mental state.

The healing was incredible, I could actually feel the pain being broken into small chunks and dispersed into less sensitive areas of my body so that I could bear it.

The drumming and rattling and Elizabeth’s amazing power also transported me mentally and spiritually to a calmer place so that healing could take place.

After the first session I could use my arm again and had the first full night’s sleep since the illness started weeks before. Elizabeth is a very special person, down to earth and kind. I don’t know what I would have done without her and her shamanic expertise.



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