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Elizabeth Rose


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I love receiving your wonderful newsletters.  Thank you for all the hard work and love you put into each and everyone of them.

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Thank you for an amazing August prediction! Everything makes sense to me now.

I love your ‘golden rules’ section. I’m going to print it and keep it

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Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your monthly update.

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I started reading your newsletter and couldn’t believe how it was describing exactly how I have been feeling

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Thank you very much for the newsletter, really helpful. Thank you for everything that you do for me and us

SS, Brighton
I always enjoy reading your newsletters – always insightful and remind me to keep asking for guidance. I often look back over the past year and feel grateful to you for your support in getting to where I am now….and moving onwards.

NC, London
I love reading your newsletters – they are always so present

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Love getting these emails as they always make so much sense to me and my life at the time…

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I LOVED your newsletter also!


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5 Great Reasons to Read Rosylife Newsletters:

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