Taurus Tenure – 19th April-20th May

April 19, 2014


Taurus Angel Guardian Angels Asmodel and Tual offer help with patience, tenacity, stability and security – all traits Taurus is famous for.

And there is nowhere more than Love & Relationships to utilise those amazing qualities.

The earning of Money and Financial Matters are also highlighted this month

And as ever with Taurus’s love of home comforts- its a great month to harmonise and refresh your décor.

And then there’s the dreaded characteristic that most Taureans will usually deny emphatically – Stubborn Resistance – to consider.  As an earthy Taurus female I should know!

But can’t we all be a little too fixed sometimes?  Is there something you are afraid to let go of right now – even if it’s not right anymore?  The Taurus angels are on hand to help you with this, if you ask them, as well as helping you with happily re-organising home, heart and finances.  This is the month to be present and correct with Love and Money.

There is another deeper quest to this sign – that of prizing unconditional universal love over everything else.  Taurus is loyal to the core and will go the distance for love – let this be an example for us all. But Taurus loves material too and Angels Asmodel and Tual ask for a wise sense of balance to come in

Asmodel says:

Don’t worry about possessions – they are fools gold

            The riches in Heaven are peace, love and joy

            Be rich in them and you will find a knowing heart


Cyrstal wise – work with Rutilated Quartz or Diamond to find the right frequency of your spiritual path and Emerald to open your heart to true love and self-acceptance and reaching for the highest spiritual and earthly consciousness.

Archangel Uriel is associated with Taurus. Uriel can help with any Earthy matters such as knowing how to get back on the right financial track or sort out a relationship or focusing your drive to actually achieving your goals.

His light will shine the next step for you to take nice and simple. Also if you’re feeling a bit exhausted or in need of inspiration – Uriel is the Archangel to turn to. He’s easy to talk to – especially if you’re in need of tranquility or you need to let go of anger. Ask him to pour his light onto whatever impasse you are entrenched in and you will find a flow restored where before there was only fixed stagnation.


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