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Mindful Moments

Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.
Suzanne Somers

Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting.
Peter Allen

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.
William Arthur Ward

Monthly Lunar Meditation Circle

Every New & Full Moon event is a wonderful gift

Make the Most of Monthly Lunar Cycles with Diamond Rose Meditation Circle

New and Full Moons are designed to aid and re-energise our lives.

Each Lunation occurs in a different astrological sign. Throughout the year, the cumulative effects form a complete package of transformational activations, perfect for personal growth and healing.

As we progress through the months, new Key Codes are released with each Lunation.  All deposits carry a unique blend of helpful energies  to enrich our well-being.

Diamond Rose Meditation Circles are designed to get the most of these powerful episodes.

There are three subscription options available – choose to concentrate on either the New Moon or Full Moon or Both.

All events are recorded and distributed to circle members – so you never have to worry about non-attendance. Access for single Lunation is £12.21 each and both Lunations are £22.21 per month.

Sign Up Now elizabethrose44@gmail.com

Mark Watson Angel Music CDs 

Archangel Themes III - Mark Watson - AngelEarth Music

Transformational Angel Music channelled by Mark Watson ATP

Visit the Rosylife Shop to buy Mark Watson’s powerful CD’s

I am very grateful to Mark Watson for his wonderful Angel music – it is such a gift to the world.

I only use each of Mark’s CDs in all my work with fantastic results. Mark channels the archangels directly when composing his music and you can really feel their presence when you play it.

If you want to enhance your Angel connection or improve your life and live in peace – then this music is for you.

Elizabeth Rose

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Jan & Feb Moon & Astro 2021

Jan Monthly Moon Phases:

  • New Moon (Cosmic Orders/Initiation/Action) - 12th Jan - in Capricorn
  • First Quarter Moon (Turning Point) - 20th Jan - in Taurus
  • Full Moon (Completion/Closure/Release/Healing) - 28th Jan - in Leo
Feb Monthly Moon Phases:
  • Last Quarter Moon (Review Obstacles) - 4th Feb - in Scorpio
  • New Moon (Cosmic Orders/Initiation/Action) - 11th Feb
... Continue reading >

What's new

Pisces Tenure 19th Feb-20th March

Pisces – 19th Feb - 20th March – Angel Barchiel aka Angel Barakiel Barchiel helps us to understand and accept the polarities of human nature. Realising that even in the eternal swing from our light to our shadow self – we are always still worthy of love, life and atonement. There are always be choices to ... Continue reading >