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Rosylife Change Programs bring about Positive & Permanent Change

Designed to empower, clear and heal to get you feeling inspired about your life – this is especially useful for anyone going through a period of Life Changes, Stagnation, Breakdown, Growth, Chaos, Loss or Confusion.

Signpost Lost. Confused etc

How often have you said to yourself “I want … but don’t know how to get there”? If that applies to you it’s time to take action now. Its time to bridge that gap between where you are stuck and where you want to be – to live out your potential, goals and dreams.

Rosylife Change Programs provide the tools and support needed to help you make  permanent and positive change. Develop core strength to cope with all that life puts your way – let go of drama, anxiety and the uncertainty of living anywhere but in the now.

Breakthrough its time

Rosylife Change Program successfully worked for many emotional energetic ailments or issues such as:

To name but a few… Rosylife Change Therapies can be applied to any challenging or distressing situation.

So where to start? It can be very daunting and demoralising to confront one’s shadow:

Acknowledging your pain and reaching out for support is the first real step of Recovery…

After that, I am with you every step of your journey to anchor emotional and spiritual well-being. Together we will work to allow new inspired feelings about yourself and your life. Being fully recognised and supportedyou are free to bring out the best of your potential.

Most Rosylife Change Therapies can be done in person or remotely via phone/skype. However a small number of treatments can only be done in person.

Timeline 1 hour

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Name Withheld
Wow what a breakthrough! 12 years I’ve been in therapy and never had that come to me – but now you’ve helped me to see the real truth about my situation.

RD, Brighton

I’d like to say a huge thank you for the Inner Child healing work we did a couple of weeks ago. It was a really, truly profound experience for me.

Since then, I have managed to rectify an ongoing problem with my partner. I realised the way he was behaving was reinforcing the problem my inner child had, over and over again. I explained to him what happened during healing and what he was doing to reinforce my little one’s problems. We have been getting on better ever since and he is really mindful of my needs now.

Also, I seem to have found my willpower again. I’m working out, not drinking too much and am generally feeling a lot better and ‘lighter’. So, thanks so much!!!!

AW, London
“I’ve never experienced anything quite like the two sessions I had with Elizabeth Rose. The instant understanding and unveiling of what had been making me feel unhappy was such a revelation for me and, although a bit of a shock to be confronted with it, I’m very grateful for her help in letting me understand why I had been feeling certain things.

CR, London

I listen to your recording almost daily and I have set out my goals clearly on paper. I am working towards them one step at a time. Thank you Elizabeth and see you soon!

CM, London
I didn’t realise I had so many blocks in my life until I met you. Through our time together you have helped me see my blind spots and now I’ve released and healed what was holding me back. I am so grateful that you persevered with me and got me to a deeper peace and understanding.

Name Withheld
Since I met you my life has changed for the better. I don’t get as stressed as I used to and I feel I can cope with what life throws at me – even the big stuff. If I’m having a bad day (or my boss is) I do a 2 minute meditation and I very quickly feel calm enough to get on with my day. Before I would be stressed all day and it would take me all evening and a few glasses of wine to make me relaxed. You are really good at what you do. Thank You.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond with such a comprehensive answer. I so very much appreciated your perspective, and it made a lot of sense. It also brought up a lot of food for thought. I’ve been amazed by what you do!!! Give yourself credit!!! You have some very special gifts and talents! And thank you so very much for your insights. So helpful to know.

MH, London
I felt the session was very beneficial for me as it confirmed a lot of things that are constantly swimming round in my head.

Name Withheld
I love your sessions because things really move for me!!

Name Withheld I just [did] the mantra you emailed and its lovely – it is calming and reassuring that everything will be all right! I feel Calm and safe!


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