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The plain truth of our lives is that we are here to Live and to Learn and our Unique Purpose is to leave the world a better place than when we entered it.

But How? Sometimes, despite our best efforts, all we receive are knock-backs whilst it appears others around us thrive and finding our true pathway can evade us.

Many people encounter a lack of inspiration or uncertainty and confusion when trying to decide how best to achieve their best and highest good.  There can be much angst about maximising one’s potential, whilst still getting by in the day-to-day material world.

Add into the mix any hard knocks, unlucky breaks and challenging conditions that come as part of a typical life and you could be forgiven for asking “Who Am I? – Why Am I Really Here? – What can I do – Why Me?”

Getting key information around your Destiny can be invaluable and important work. Having answers that explain the reasons how and why particular circumstances have happened to you, can provide the nurturing support required to turn life around.

Life Purpose Readings can help you to overcome set-backs and disappointments and move forward with a deeper soul-based understanding about your life.

During this session, Elizabeth Rose will draw information from your Akashic Record – aka as the Book of Life that reveals your soul’s journey. The realm can provide answers to the bigger, universal questions, whilst providing a healing of very specific energy at the same time.

Session last 50 mins to 1 hour

Sessions can be in person or via skype

Email for your personalised reading. Tel 07760 994251.



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PB, London

I loved your reading, obviously, and how you give confidence and, through the process, transform and empower the sitter. Also how you include future timelines was very impressive to me (and inspiring) and I feel it is quite a particular gift to you. It is not easy to read future timelines so genuinely, authentically and precisely.


My Akashic Records reading with Elizabeth Rose was timely, accurate and detailed. Elizabeth pulled many aspects of my current situation together and helped me to make sense of what I needed to do to move forward. She is compassionate and caring, an attentive listener and has great gifts of insight and intuition. The Akashic Records contain all we need to know about how the past affects our present and future and Elizabeth is a true expert at making it all make sense. I highly recommend an Akashic Records reading with Elizabeth Rose if you are feeling stuck or confused about the next step on your path towards your true purpose.

SR, Germany

I think everyone knows that it is normal to feel fragmented and lost very often. It is difficult to find a sense at the nonsense situations and experiences that are keeping coming back to us.
Well I felt like that many times in my life, but no more now. The akashic record reading with Elizabeth opened to me the door to many secrets of my previous lives, to causes of recurrent challenges and difficult relationships which I have faced in this life. All the fragmented and unexplainable parts finally made sense to me after the readings with Elizabeth. I felt like a phoenix resurrecting from chaotic ashes.
Elizabeth is amazing in accessing the truth of the records. Her deep knowledge, gentleness, strong experience and amazing loving heart guides you through the process (without fear or judgment) of finally understanding who you were, you are and who you can be.
She is the only person on earth who I judge trustworthy to access my precious akasha’s scrolls.
After the scroll reading you can finally reach you potential you and connect to your higher self (as I did). Endless amazing experiences open up to the new you. I would suggest you to get an akashic reading with Elizabeth. So, that your sense of emptiness and disconnection can disappear from you. I would highly recommend an akashic reading with her as it will change your life forever for the better.

ZS, New Zealand

I contacted Elizabeth Rose and using her as a channel I received information from my Akashic record.  From this I’ve started to reconnect with [myself in] two past lives, who wished to work with me. I’ve taken a leap and stepped into Service, living my soul purpose.  A feeling of coming home doesn’t really describe it, it’s more like a sense of connectedness and unity.  I’ve noticed lately that people have been greeting me as if we’re old friends.  It’s a comforting feeling.  I’m still growing and learning but my heart is definitely open and I am excited to experience whatever happens next.

Name Withheld, USA

I am blessed to have gotten to know you and thank you for your support. Much appreciated. Just wanted to express my appreciation and thank you for all of your words of wisdom and advice, which I am trying to follow to the best that I can. There is much more that I need to do but then I suppose that is life’s story.  


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