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Couple apart

We’ve all been there… the end of another failed romance, which at first held so much hope and promise, ruined by a “its not you its me” hurried goodbye or some other clichéd ending…

Or maybe you feel trapped by a never-ending relationship that makes you passionate but very unhappy and stuck with nowhere to go.

Couple tug of war

So where does that leave you now? Ever been left wondering:

If this is you – then its time for some Rosylife Lovelife Healing and Fast!

First let’s get a few things straight:

Mythbust No 1:

It is everyone’s Divine and Earthly right to live in a happy committed and fulfilled relationship.

Mythbust No 2:

It is not about waiting to ‘find’ the one its about attracting him or her to you and being ready to receive and allow them to enter your life.

Mythbust No 3:

If you continue to attract from your Lovelife or Childhood wounds, you will always get what you’ve already always got, which is dysfunctional relationships that don’t work and waste years.


Heal your Love wounds and to be Relationship Fit and attract True Love.

Rosylife Lovelife Healing is a programme created specifically to your heal your own needs and circumstances. It will reflect the blocks that need clearing, before you can progress into healthy relationship living.

This technique highlights negative patterns around your relationship habits and will introduce you to a more positive partnership identity thus bringing about more successful relationships.


Timeline 1 hour


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SP, Brighton

Elizabeth Rose basically helps to identify the blocks to happiness in your life… She aids in gently removing them so that you can be free of damaging and restricting self beliefs and self judging so that you can find fulfillment. It is an effective process to shift unwanted patterns and unnecessary emotional baggage in your life. If you are willing to put in the work too and continue with her brilliant advice and helpful suggestions then the life you dreamt of can easily become YOURS! I’ve met my life love partner and Elizabeth helped me to see that I deserved it and it would come – so don’t give up, keep believing and manifesting!

FW, London

In July – ‘my peak month’ I did loads and started to see a wonderful guy!!! He seems just too perfect a match for me in every aspect.

[He was going through a separation/divorce] Instead of walking away or being ‘strong’ I gave him space and told him that he was the nicest guy I had met since my divorce and that I would be really sad if we didn’t keep in touch whilst he worked things out but understood he was not yet ready for a relationship. This happened 3 times-that he tried to pull away and each time I gave him space, but told him how I truly felt – again in the past I would have let him go and not told him how I felt to protect my self and my pride so I truly thank you for making me reflect upon the honesty of my communication. I would have never thought I would believe in and do this before meeting you.

You once said there was a barbed wire fence in front of my heart chakra with a ‘do not enter sign’ on it but with pink and white behind it indicating there was love there to give. I wonder what colour it is now and if the fence is still there because this man is making me feel totally relaxed and confident that we will make it long term. So I am really ready to give him my all again, because I think he has been sent to me by the angels and I don’t feel any threat to tell him how I truly feel and give him all the love I can. All really good stuff, which I hope ends well as it is what I am going to believe and ‘put out in the atmosphere’, cos I now believe in the law of attraction too. So, a totally amazing year and I am, at the moment, in haze of euphoria and optimism that I just had to share with you and thank you and the angels for giving it to me. I am so very grateful.

CD, Australia

Life is going very well, I am happy and content. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, as you helped me get over the ex (no more unfinished business, hasn’t been since the day I walked out of our session); I see all the positives I have in my life, and that I have to look forward to. As for my angels, well, they are more consistently in my life and it is a comfort. So far so good, on track to being the best me I can be. Your reading was spot-on and so far the cards have been right too.

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