FACT: Life Coaching Changes Lives For The Better!

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Life Coaching is a fantastic way of getting to know your personal goals, setting them out in a practical and achievable way, and doing this in a specific timeline set by you. These goals can cover any aspect of your life and often can be wants or desires you have carried around un-actioned for years!

Together we will set the goals and put you in the best mind frame possible, to prepare your way for success with small, easy-to-manage steps. Often success depends on small change not major shifts.


Within all these sessions you will enjoy world class Life Coaching Principles, with an added Spiritual dimension to deepen and strengthen your spiritual connection and integrity.

Back when I knew a lot about what I didn’t want and nothing much about what I did want or worse how to get anything useful to me – Life Coaching really worked wonders for me.

It stopped me from just talking around in circles and helped me become a ‘do-er’ rather than a ditherer. It was easy and as well as helping me achieve which was great in itself – I grew in confidence and started to trust my own ability more.

So if you’ve been waiting seemingly forever to start or complete a long cherished goal, but have not managed it yet, then Life Coaching may well be the answer for you.

Life Coaching sessions can be done in person or remotely via phone/skype.

Timeline 50 minutes to 1 hour

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To Book – email elizabethrose44@gmail.com or Tel 07760 994251



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Name Withheld
I would like to thank you for your continuous help in giving me the strength and guidance in facing the biggest challenge of my life. I don’t have words to express my gratitude for the immense help that we are receiving in dealing with this challenge. I am sure that with your guidance and blessings and our sincerity, we will be successful in achieving our goal.

KK, Australia – Remote Coaching Session
Many thanks for our session and for the practical advice. Much love to you

SS, Brighton
I do really appreciate your words – so affirming as ever, and always so “you” that I read it as if you are speaking it to me with your characteristic verve.

SS, London
Was really lovely to meet you today and be in your lovely energies was great! I thought you were very down to earth and loved your direct loving approach! Everything we discussed made perfect sense and I do feel better for it

FA, Canada – Remote Coaching Session
I love the way you worded everything. I’m going to use that in my invocation/prayer for a new job, you said it beautifully. I’ll put my order in and wait for it to be delivered, patience!

AS, London
Thanks for all your help and support – its been such a lifeline!

TI, London
Thank you so much again for all your support so far, I can’t thank you enough, because you helped me a lot.

Name Withheld
Everything we discussed made perfect sense and I do feel better for it.

07760 994251

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MCH, London 
I have worked with Elizabeth for three years now and have grown so much during that time. She helps you hear your own guides and to unlock your inner light.

Elizabeth helped open my heart, which has enabled me to find my best self through being truthful with myself, letting go of fear, hurt and things that no longer serve, to let in the light.

You have to do the work, but the rewards are great indeed -Freedom.