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The Emotion Code

A proven, quick and easy method of getting rid of your emotional baggage, blocks and physical pain


Baggage Over Man

This technique allows you to identify the specific emotional blocks or negative beliefs that are stuck in your mind, body and emotions.

These dark emotions will restrict your life and cloud how you see, think, feel and behave.  You are literally looking through the filter of all your old baggage!

Trapped Emotions will interfere in your relationships and will limit and hold back your entire life’s progress.

Trapped Emotions can produce dis-ease or pain in your body.

This is a sobering reality but help is at hand. The Emotion Code is an inspirational way of identifying and clearing those trapped emotions with the result of permanently removing blocks that restrict you.

If you are experiencing poor life status, understanding what is hindering you can be the breakthrough you need.

EMO & Heart with Keyhole

Through the Emotion Code you can deconstruct your ‘Heart Wall’, which is a protective barrier we build up during stressful times. Having a Heart Wall will prevent you from forming successful loving relationships and being your true self. Instead of protecting you – the heart wall actually keeps you locked in your shadow!

Heart in Wall

Tearing down your Heart Wall can lead to improved life experience on every level.  It will also increase your own self-esteem and ability to cope with everyday living.

Some areas where the Emotion Code can help are:

To name but a few…

When testing for blocks – we work with the sub-conscious mind to retrieve the information. The beauty of this treatment is that identification of the blockage can typically be done in less than 5 minutes.

We use Kinesiology – aka Muscle Testing – because your body does not ever lie to you.

Muscle Testing

Through muscle testing we can get truthful answers to any issue you want to tackle.  Then we can release the wound permanently for life progression to begin.

The Emotion Code is a wonderful treatment in its own right and has been used in countless different aspects to bring relief, re-structuring and success.

It provides a lighter alternative to other deeper methods such as Rosylife Change Therapies, Trance Healing or Hypnotherapy, as not everyone wants to work in this way.

It is also a fantastic method to use remotely if you can’t get to a face-to-face appointment.  I have worked it with many people in other countries whom I’ve never met to great success!

The Emotion Code is safe to use on Adults, Children or Animals.

Don’t let its simplicity fool you – this is powerful stuff  – and it can turn your life around completely and allow you to Thrive!

The Emotion Code can be done in person or remotely.

Timeline 1 hour


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CN, Brighton  – Fibromyalgia Patient of 25 years – Feedback after 1 session

I felt good going home, but for the next 3 days my pain was much worse, but it didn’t worry me too much because I felt something was shifting. With Fibromyalgia, my pain levels were very high most of the time. I would wake up in a great deal of pain and have to crawl out of bed to get mobile. Now I wake up mostly free from pain – not every day – but mostly and when I am in pain it is definitely less. A great improvement and I hope it will continue.

Name Withheld – Healing Dysfunctional Family Dynamic – Feedback after 1st session

It has been such a great & informative experience. It’s good to know these feelings have been released from my body, plus it’s been very interesting to work out where they have come from as a lot of the feelings were from people/events that I would never have guessed.

The family situation is Changing. It seems clear to me that this is directly due to the work we have done & I can’t explain how grateful I am. This work is healing families, healing decades of stuck emotions. It’s truly amazing stuff.

Feedback after 2nd session

“Oh My!! You have done it again. U really are like an angel to me, u help me so much, I can’t express how grateful I am to have been led to you & for everything you have helped me do. Yesterday was amazing. I feel so much happier about the situation with [female family member]. I had no idea why I felt weird towards her & it was really not like me to be that way. But now it all makes so much sense & I totally understand how I had absorbed the old emotions from the past. I now feel so different, I feel so much love & understanding for her now & feel I can really support her properly from now on. This is purely from the Emotion Code work you have been doing. Not only is it healing me, it’s healing families. Thank you so much Elizabeth, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Name Withheld

I got so much more out of seeing you than I was expecting – I really found the technique fascinating!

CN, Brighton – Treatment to sell a house that had been up for sale for two years – Feedback after 1 session

On the Monday after the session I had a house viewer who bought my house- we complete a mere 6 weeks from viewing, in this climate that is a miracle!

CS, London,

I must say since we started this work I find myself becoming a happier person, more confident in small ways – but that have a big meaning and a positive influence on my personality.  

CC, Brighton

I have been feeling pretty good since our session!
I have also been filling the space with love and light – in general I seem to be able to bounce back more quickly when I am feeling down or if something happens. Major progress!

RV, Brighton

It was dynamic, to the point. I felt more relaxed, more ‘together’ and in my body. Emotion Code fulfills a particular purpose and I’d recommend it.

LB, Worthing

I cannot let another day go by without saying thank you, thank you, thank you … this has been a life- changing experience for me and I am so very grateful.

SG, Brighton

I really enjoyed our session yesterday and have felt a shift today, mostly a speeding up of the cleansing I was already doing, today I cleared out so much rubbish & felt really good about it. I do feel better about myself after our last session and I feel more confident.

SS, Brighton

I found you as professional as ever. I love your no-nonsense, focused and vibrant way!

CC, Brighton

I have felt more able to spot negative patterns in myself. This increased awareness is helping me to improve the negative thoughts and therefore more able to counteract them.

Relationships seem to have improved – I am more willing to speak up and tell people how I feel.

I have felt happier since the session. I have felt more energetic and able to cope with life’s ups and downs.

I would definitely recommend Emotion Code – it is a simple but effective process!  Although it didn’t feel as ‘spiritual’ as other sessions that I have been part of, the results have been very positive and I have definitely felt the difference.

FG, Brighton

The [identified] blockages resonated with me and were spot on, and the session brought some calm to my life. I would say it’s supported empowerment. I practice the Metamorphic Technique, which is also empowering, but it’s different, and really going through changes on a different level. Emotion Code is much more supportive.

GM, Lewes

I found the experience very useful and interesting. I certainly feel happy in myself a feeling of immense positivity.  I’ve let go of resentment and I feel very accepting of the people around me and who they are and their action s do not affect me for I feel stabilised in myself. I feel very together in myself

JB, London – Treatment on Work Issue – feedback after 1 session

Immediate emotion was feeling vulnerable (maybe because that something I was holding on to has been released and now there’s empty space). I am Much calmer and more positive. And I have   Lots more energy! Thank you. The combination of Emotion Code and Angelic Healing was very unique and very effective. Thank you again.

PA, Brighton

Certainly at the time of the session I felt great relief. Yes I am drinking less now; not automatically reaching out for the scotch! I have reduced contact with needy/abusive type people – I Have made a point of not contacting needy people around me! So no need to people please here! Life has been up and down but feel longer-term trend is positive.




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