Remote Angel Reading

Through the assistance of the angels I am able to offer Remote Readings to those who cannot come to me in person.

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I have been succesfully working this method of reading for many people who live nationally or overseas, whom I’ve never met in person. Your presence doesn’t actually affect the process, as I am able to connect with the angels on your behalf whether you are in the room or not.

It is through the power of the angels to deliver the guidance through me to you – to where it is most needed that this can happen.

How it works is that at the agreed time, you ring/skype me and I will do the reading verbally for you.

Payment is made via paypal with either your debit or credit card. Paypal works even if you don’t have a paypal account of your own as I have an account.   I send a payment request to your email address and then you just click the link and follow the step-by-step instructions. Once you have paid, Papal will notify me so you don’t need to.

Please note the session fee must be paid in full before start of session.

Timeline 50 minutes to 1 hour


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KSK, Canada
I loved your reading!!! You are very tuned into spirit and your words and tones were perfect for me. You have a real gift!

KK, Australia
Deepest thanks for your help today, I feel a lightness and joy come over me after that, it all makes sense.

BB, Canada

You have validated my Journey. All this time I have been studying the Ascension-what is it? How does it happen and all the time I was going thru it. What a Joyful place I am at today. The rest of the world stood still!  Thankyou Elizabeth for your Divine sweet wisdom. You cannot imagine how you have pushed me into the Light. I feel so grateful that I can see and feel me again.

PQ, Remote UK

Thank you so so much for the wonderful reading. Thanks for the clarification on my life & soul missions. What eye openers!

SA, Remote UK

Everything you told me is becoming more & more apparent. I just wanted to give you an update to say thank you so much for helping me and giving me hope at a really hard time. It really meant a lot to me & has really helped me get through a tough time. 

KMK, Eire
The reading was fab, and has given me loads to think about, and smile about too – and it was sorely needed.

Name withheld, Switzerland

I thank you for the reading. It was a fantastic experience.

FD, Remote UK

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the amazing reading you gave me. It was so positive and I felt very inspired by it.

AJ, Switzerland

Dear Elizabeth, I send you all my gratitude and blessings for your kind attention and love, you are a precious person, thank you!

MC, Argentina
I had both experiences with Elizabeth; a reading in person and on the phone. Everything made perfect sense to me and I could resonate with all the advice and suggestions she pointed out. Both were wonderful!!

With the information she provided me, I was able to take some decisions in my life. After the Angel Guidance session, I felt as light as a feather and in balance.

Elizabeth has a unique gift and I feel happy she’s able to share her gift with the world. She’s very sweet and caring and I’m blessed to have met her. I look forward to other services through her in a near future.

07760 994251

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