Feel the Burn & Make the Change!

July 1, 2018

I am fascinated to see how July will turn out for you all.

It is a super charged energy month – there’s much to observe working through our lives – it may be change-a-minute this summer.  For July there are energy streams to uplift and renew us and others to chew on for a while.

Of course all Change is always a positive growth spurt – so perhaps something to be welcomed rather than feared.

And the encapsulating message for July is Dream Big!

The recent full moon marked our entry into an amazing corridor of power and changeability that describes July/summer 2018.

There is so much Divine and Higher Intervention around – we might barely know which way is up. It’s exciting!!

These new influences will be proactive in re-shaping our Now for the better, as well as building a brighter future.

This applies at the macro-global stage and the micro-inner levels too.

There is a small warning though.  Undirected, these energies could be wasted and flail about causing only chaos and destruction. Whilst this fuels the ego – it doesn’t create harmony or balance.

Without awareness –  the new energies will land in our sub-conscious and seep through to the conscious – unfetted. So we might see angry outbursts and dramatic, sweeping endings done in haste and repented in leisure.

However if we meet and work to channel them – we can be much more proactive and co-creative with July’s process.

The new energy streams hit our shadow first, because that is where we need help the most and where we are most stagnant in our energy flow.

The shadow is the part of our aura & psyche that holds all our blocks, limiting beliefs, impaired ancestral inheritance, repressed anger, fears, past life trauma, unfinished karma and all other wounds that either hold us back or sabotage our lives.

At Rosylife we work to heal the Shadow and engineer new ways of thinking feeling and being to enhance your Life.

Clearing one’s shadow should always be high on the To Do list of your Life.  It directly affects your well-being, productivity and law of attraction capabilities. Find the method from the madness!

So if that’s your goal – July’s energy cascade won’t disappoint!

All over the planet around the recent Full Moon, many have encountered some inconvenient truth or information or restriction about how to structure their next best moves.

I say inconvenient, because the revelation may have directly cut across that, which you thought you knew or decided upon – or where you are very attached in entitlement or ‘knowing’ that actually turns out to be ego attachment.

The new set up may be more demanding, stretch the timeline and require a step up that you hadn’t banked on.

It is in these moments that our ego consciousness is loudest! It is the wise who will say “there there” to the ego and do it anyway.

Be inspired and get connected with the bigger picture that will guarantee your real success reputation and recognition.

You may be reminded that there really IS time to finish the task/issue in hand fully and in the right way.

So Breathe deep, sweep the ego to the curb and intend to do right by yourself. This energy prompts us to do only the best for ourselves – we will be obstructed otherwise. There are no shortcuts or detours.

When my will is failing and my ego is looking for a short-cut – I always apply the mantra “Finish the Job” – I find it works wonders! If you need help dealing with this or moving away from instant gratification – reach out and get the help you need.  https://rosylife.co.uk/contact/

From 7th July till 26th September the current Mars Retrograde gets a boost of intensity – not that it actually needs it – but it gets it anyway.

The higher purpose for this, is I believe, to deepen the re-configuration of traditional shadow male energy bastions on Earth.

Issues such as:  Action for The Few not the Many – Corrupt Egoic Politics – Power – Sex – Anger/War/Conflict – Money & Finance – Misogyny –  Battle of the Sexes – Elitist Advancement – Conquest – Force/Power Over – Raping the planet – Wasted Energy – will be dealt with at this time on a different scale.

For the last 30+ years there’s been a massive healing of the Feminine and re-introduction of the Divine Feminine energy on the planet.  NOW is the time of the Masculine to heal and receive its Divine Masculine Counterpart.

I see it as no coincidence that in the UK alone in the last six months – there has been a 25% increase of men seeking medical attention for Andropause – or the male menopause.

In the absence of life tools and other spiritual coping mechanisms, these men are hoping the medical profession can help them. Good Luck with that, because this is really an existential crisis.

These influences are asking “What Kind of Man Do You Really Want To BE?” For many it must mean a re-identification of what a ‘real’ man does, communicates, allows, shares, allows…

And all women and children carry male energy too – so wherever Mars & Aquarius & Uranus are in your natal chart, is where you are being challenged to re-shape your psyche and make growth.

The massive positive boost of July is on the 10th. Jupiter – the Feel Good influence – goes direct after months of being held back in Retrograde. This is GREAT news and will improve our lot.

How will that be for you?  Well wherever 13 degrees Scorpio hits your natal chart is where the biggest and quickest successes will flood in. Across the board, Business & Commerce & Progress of all kinds all gets easier now.

If you want a birthchart reading or healing to help track these changes – or a refresh business reading –  book now https://rosylife.co.uk/contact/
It is my deepest wish that you find the calm, stamina & happiness that you are worthy to receive. Sending you all so much Love!

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