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July 30, 2018

Insight on the Current Energy & Intensity

For all of 2018 we have received a virtual tsunami of downloads designed to prod our awareness of how we are living and in what version of ourselves we reside.

We are still fully in the peaked energies of the recent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 27th July and  we will be integrating them for the next 6 months.

This energy download is more penetrating in its effects than can be described, but trust it’s benefits for you and the planet are infinite and limited only by your willingness to allow.

One way to understand it is as a wave of exalted Divine Feminine energy healing millennia of stagnation caused by earthy negative Male domination.

For too long this planet has been powered by the baseness and worst of male energy and we live with constructs that help only the few and subjugate many and ruin the planet.

We are all responsible for it of course – but the time has come for our Human Kind to begin to reverse that history and create new Peace & Harmony on Earth.  Isn’t that marvellous?!

Please know this isn’t a men-bashing time at all!  The tide is simply turning as our Human evolution continues and now is time to liberate ourselves from the old paradigm and tyrannies to create better way for all.

The Earth environment is shifting gears and we must shift with it.

Therefore the planet and the universe is providing wave after wave of consciousness-improving energy streams to trigger us into action.

Everyone is receiving this energy.  It is delivered to us on a macro-group-global-universal level and a micro-personal level.

Every astrology planetary retrograde, eclipse, moon event, solar emission or earthly energy eruption is working us to release tensions in the external (macro) level and on an internal (micro) level.

To receive these energies is unavoidable. We literally breathe-eat-drink-sleep them in.

What you do with them thereafter, is of course, your own freewill judgment call to make.

You will experience them on a human and spiritual/soulful level.

Either way they are intensely impactful and we’ve lived with them for the last 8 months with several peaks along the way – the recent eclipse being the biggest of 2018.

If you respond solely with only your ego human self – then any growth will be limited or negligible.

This also means your showdown shadow characteristics will be further entrenched and your next impact must be even stronger, in another attempt to awaken you to your spirit/soul self.

If however, you respond with both ego and spirit/soul at once – you can evolve and make great progress.

So perhaps it is the enlightened one who develops bi-focal vision to see the up-close and the bigger picture.  It is the wise one who works to clear, heal and balance those two positions into harmony.

Look for Signs, Synchronicities & Confirmations that the Divine is supporting and accompanying you – it will help you deal with the intensity.  There is a lot of support coming at us all in so many ways right now…

I have received 4 spectacular confirmations this week at pivotal times of course! I was so grateful for them as they arrived when my heart was most heavy and my mind unclear. They helped me massively and opened my heart to receive even more love.

– I was blessed by a butterfly that flew in around my heart in a very unexpected place – I don’t know how the butterfly got in there! Its markings were red – which corresponds to the root chakra and I understood any doubts I had about my changing day-to-day set-up were unfounded.

– I was soothed by a busker with the voice of an angel on the morning of the Eclipse singing songs from his heart of devotion and prayer – reminding me we are never alone.

– I was driving home to an uncertain and distressing situation.  The angels drew a rainbow over me and I drove all the way under its magic. I took it that everything will be wonderful in the end!

– I had a dream that left me in no doubt of my next steps in to a pertinent situation. It was so very clear what I must do and even how I would feel about doing it. Take note of your Dream state – many are receiving guidance in the form of dreams and lucid dream state.

What signs, confirmations, connections, abundance did you receive this week?

The current influences ask of us the big, deep and meaningful questions.

Does my bum look big in this?  Nah just kidding!!!!

Relevant soul searches are:
Where is my communication not working?  Do I have a voice that is heard?  If so – do I use that voice wisely? If not – how do I react?

Where do I feel restricted and why? Do I feel like I’m running out of time, resources & endurance? If so – what ate my solutions and options? Where can integrity help me out?

Am I angry as hell at someone or something? If so, what is the peaceful and conciliatory next step? If I’m in blame mode – where is my blind spot?  Am I willing to consider my own responsibilities, failings (as in where have I delivered short on promises and commitments made), incongruence, laziness, complacency?

Am I carrying Sexual wounds, shame or dysfunction?  Do I need to re-align my sexual expression?  How can I let go past experiences and open up a new more enjoyable relationship with my own sexuality?

Does my earthly Abundance reflect my Soul Abundance? If not what is blocking my flow?

Have I lost sight of the beauty of life? Has it all got oh so grey and hum drum? Am I living in a rut?  Have I lost the precious sacredness of life? If so why? Where is the romantic poet in my soul hiding out?

Should I even be here? Is this my real home? Am I enough? Do I only have value if I am doing or giving or putting myself last? Am I obsessively reiterating the same poor me story over and over as if my life depended on it?

It is time for us all to remember how Magnificent we truly are.

But that only comes by clearing your shadow wounds and fears first!!

Otherwise we can never reach that high – our emotional baggage literally acts as a ball and chain around our feet, dragging us back to the mire.

Better to take just one safe step of release at a time, until we find our wings.

For the bigger strides we can surrender to the Divine and its energetic emissaries. Be sure and trust those guiding us know their job.

Our job?  It is simply to Allow… sounds easy doesn’t it? But even that is a form of expansive ability that only comes from a strong clearing and learning curve.

The Aquarius Eclipse twist reminds us to do this work as one. Connect to friendship groups, healthy & happy families / urban families, congregations, meditation classes, developmental classes and transformational healing rooms.

Together we can make all this happen!

As always if you need help with any of this and more – reach out and get the support you need. I am always here to help you.
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