Living in Lockdown

March 27, 2020

Living in Lockdown can become a time for a more heightened spiritualised way of living.

You can also do lots of simple self-healing work to get through.  I find working with a Higher Power is crucial in all things – so call in your favourite realm and your Higher Self work with it/them.

Ask for and Receive

1/ Prayer is a request for your wishes to be assisted by a Higher Power.  It is co-creation with a higher source to bring about positive and loving solutions to earthly problems.  Every single prayer is answered by the Divine in expected and unexpected ways.

Pray to the Archangels & God/Goddess Creator of All That Is and Your Higher Self to remain healthy, happy and able. Pray for a new world to form around this whole situation that is made of Love, Light & Joy.

2/ Do Aura Cleansing, Energy Boosting & the strengthening and sealing of your Aura. Cord Cutting is a great way to do this.

3/ Chant or Mantra to help settle the mind such as:

  • I am Safe. All is Well
  • I am free of Covid Virus
  • I am raising my vibration above Covid
  • I am boosting my Immune System
  • I am boosting the Immune System of [insert name]
  • I am safe & secure – I am free.
  • I am co-creating a new freer cleaner world
  • I am living from Love Light & Joy
  • I am living from a state of Gratitude for all that I am and all that I receive
  • I am contributing to the solution through love and light
  • I am in flow of Divine Healing Light

4/ Mediate more often – it doesn’t have to be for very long. But get out of 3rd Dimensional reality into a higher more energised connection.

5/ Candle Light work  – light a candle and stare into the flame.  Breathe in the Love, Healing & Eternal Lifeforce from the flame.

Breathe it in deeply – knowing that the Light knows its job! The purpose of the Light is to cleanse purify and uplift.  Enlightenment (that is living in the Light) brings hope, capability, fortitude and personal power.  Breathe in the Light and exhale negativity.

6/ Movement & Dance to songs that open up your heart with love and joy or allows you to release negative energy.  Move and  sweep any negative energy out of your aura – a bit like Tai-chi – just use your own hands to clear and brush your energy field/aura clean.  Be sure to use strokes/sweeps that go out and down or out and up (not inwards).

Otherwise – put on your Happy Songs and dance and sing Happy back into your system.

7/ Take hot salt baths.  Use good quality bath salts – my favourite is Himalayan. Hydrate with water often.

8/ Make your home Sacred.  Sit next to and relax with Himalayan Salt Lamps and absorb their peace and calm. Or burn essential oils or incense – open windows – let in sunlight & moonlight & star light. Create clearing of stagnant energies in your home.

Bless all the food and water you consume.  Ask a higher power or your Higher Self – to bless everything you use and intake.  When I run the shower, or fill the kettle or prepare food – I ask the angels to bless it all.  For me – that means removing man-made negativity and imbuing it all with Divine healing light.

9/ Please know I am not a doctor and this is not medical advise.  But along side of medical treatment  – If there is a lung vulnerability – it is said that Salt Pipes Inhalers can be very helpful. Obviously do not use any one else’s pipe – but just 5 minutes a day for vulnerable lungs can have amazing effects.

10/ Sit in your private outside space and soak up Sun rays. Or sits indoors and do it.  Connect with Nature (whilst strictly observing social distancing rules).  Why?  Because it is always in balance and it puts us back to balance too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            And no matter what the birdsong is always there – listen to it.  Personally I find Birdsong incredibly reassuring.  It has come to me in all my darkest hours – never failed.  For years I had a lark outside my window to help me through the sleepless nights.  Ask the Divine for support and it will come to you in all sorts of amazing ways.

11/ Fill your house with healing higher vibrational music – You Tube has amazing free videos of Solfeggio Beats.  In this music are healing frequencies that can create wonders and energy boosts.  There are sooooo many – but here’s one of my faves

12/ Look for Signs, Omens and Connections.  I asked for a sign yesterday and it came so quickly – it made me laugh out loud. I also have a sense that our passed-over cat has returned to live in the house with us at this time.

What works for you? Numbers, coins, feathers, scent of loved ones, materialisation and dematerialisation, spirit & angel & divine presence, rainbows, animals….the list is endless, eternal and uplifting.

13/ STEP AWAY FROM THE CONSTANT NEWSFEEDS – it is my personal belief that too much news is not helping any of us. Do not allow the first thing you hear each day and the last thing you hear each night to be bad or fake news. Rather fill these important times with uplifting thoughts and actions.  


14/ Practice Immense and Growing GRATITUDE for all that you have been lucky and blessed enough to receive.  The energy of Gratitude and Joy are extremely high and very powerful.

15/ Forgive – where and whom you can.  Not in a way that makes you a push-over or vulnerable but in a way that frees you from a stagnant and negative situation.  Where you feel you are not ready for this step – clear your mind of the situation – refuse to go over and over it – as that simply energising and reinforces the breakdown.  If you can’t forgive – let it go and let it be.

16/ Extend Kindness to others.  Doing good for others can be really very fulfilling – especially at times of vulnerability

17/ Practice the visualisation of breathing through your 3rd Eye as well as any physical breathing.  Visualise your 3rd eye chakra opening (like a mouth) and breathing in pure source universal energy.  This will feel very subtle, soft and peaceful.  Hold the intention of allowing the Divine universal Source breath to breathe through you and with you.  Practice this exercise little and often. You will be glad you did!

18/Step into community – form or join groups that have common goals and actions.  When we come together we are so much more powerful than in solo effort.  Remember a united effort can bring about Miracle.

19/ Hold Your Vision of a New & Better world for us all to share – where kindness, compassion, health and well-being for all is our richest strongest power.  A new world is being weaved and created all around us – even in the middle of this Covid-19 event.   We can all contribute in limitless ways to make Love the pre-dominant energy!!

20/ Remember when we are scared we are easily beaten and defeated.  Whilst this is a frightening time for us all – work your best – to not let it loose your centre or purpose. Watch your emotional frequency often.  What is your mood? What are you feeling?  Does that make your body feel well or something else?  What happens to your vitality?  How does your mind wandering into “what ifs?” drain you?

It is possible to be scared of something and yet still be effective in conquering it.  Being a co-creating contributor of the solutions of the world is a worthwhile life… Indeed it might be the only life worth living from now on…

When you feel your energy / emotional frequency dip – ACT IMMEDIATELY to do something to raise it.  This is a huge protection and evolutionary tool that will serve you well in all situations.

Together we can make it happen!

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