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Virgo Tenure 23rd August-22nd September | Angel Hamaliel

August 24, 2014

  The gentle and peaceful Hamaliel is the Zodiac Angel for Virgo.  Traditionally Virgo traits are: good social skills, attention to detail, cooperative, practical, hard-working, organised, and a healthy diet discipline to gain optimum physical health. Whatever your sign is - Hamaliel will work with you to better connect with all those Virgo strengths this month. ... Continue reading >

Leo Tenure – 22nd July-23rd August – Angel Verchiel

July 22, 2014

Leo is the sign emblazoned in yellow or its exalted colour of gold and brings positivity, fun and generosity. Gold is also the colour of Christ consciousness, which is super-spiritual (not religious) in its energy of eternal compassion and peace. Leo angel Verchiel is lovingly devoted to helping and healing you during his month of service. ... Continue reading >

Cancer Tenure – Angel Muriel

June 20, 2014

Cancer - 21 June – 22 July – Angel Muriel We now enter the tenure of Cancer where all things homely and nurturing are celebrated.  Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother of us all and inspires consideration of what soothes and nourishes our deep inner domestic and personal needs. Angel Muriel feels wonderfully soft ... Continue reading >

Gemini Tenure – 20th May-21st June – Angel Ambriel

May 25, 2014

  Gemini | Angel Ambriel Gemini is the zodiac's perpetual inquisitor – positive, playful and easy to laugh. They are the great talkers of life, enjoying conversation that sweeps wildly from one subject to another, like a sort of intellectual roller-coaster. You can say things to a Gemini, which most other people would consider crazy - and ... Continue reading >

Taurus Tenure – 19th April-20th May

April 19, 2014

Taurus Angel Guardian Angels Asmodel and Tual offer help with patience, tenacity, stability and security – all traits Taurus is famous for. And there is nowhere more than Love & Relationships to utilise those amazing qualities. The earning of Money and Financial Matters are also highlighted this month And as ever with Taurus's love of home comforts- its ... Continue reading >

Aries Tenure – 20th March–19th April – Angel Machidiel

March 20, 2014

This can be a very impulsive and courageous time!  It is the time of Aries - the powerhouse of the Zodiac - aka the newborn soul who knows no bounds – the risk-taker who let’s nothing stand in the way of where it wants to go… This energy will fire you up and we may ... Continue reading >

Pisces Tenure 19th Feb-20th March

February 18, 2014

Pisces – 19th Feb - 20th March – Angel Barchiel aka Angel Barakiel Barchiel helps us to understand and accept the polarities of human nature. Realising that even in the eternal swing from our light to our shadow self – we are always still worthy of love, life and atonement. There are always be choices to ... Continue reading >

Aquarius Tenure – 21st Jan – 18th Feb – Angel Cambiel

January 20, 2014

  The major premise behind Aquarius is ‘The Brotherhood of Man’ and how as individuals, we best serve our fellow man, other Earth inhabitants, Plants, Animals, Sea Creatures and the Planet as a whole. The symbol of the water bearer signifies flow – imagine how many drops are in a flow of water and you get ... Continue reading >

Capricorn Tenure – 22nd Dec – 20th Jan

December 19, 2013

On the 22nd December – just after the Winter Solstice on 21st Dec - we move into the tenure of Capricorn and Angel Nadiel. Two of the major Capricorn drives are Status and Recognition.  These are the desires that push Capricorns on to achieve great things. Another significant Capricorn archetypes is “Service” in a very practical manner.  ... Continue reading >

Sagittarius Tenure – 22 Nov-21st Dec – Angel Adnachiel

November 22, 2013

Sagittarius angel Adnachiel weaves quietly and peacefully through us in a way that reaches the deepest parts of our being. Once there - the energy of Adnachiel works wonders with his magic optimism!   Seasonally, Winter is a time for rest, passivity and contemplation of the labours of the last 12 months.  Questions like “How has this ... Continue reading >

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