September Starts Shining!

September 17, 2018

September is shining bright with so much opportunity and support – it is practically bursting at the seams.  It’s a great month to take full advantage of the healing opportunities that are still coming at us thick and fast!

I am inspired to see how they will affect you, me and the whole world and just how the solutions can come in.

Rosylife sessions are working very deeply, with so much soothing and nurturing energy coming through to quench the dearth of us feeling unloved and unable.  Helping others change their lives with every appointment – it is a privilege to be a part of this type of work.

So much News to pack in today – firstly this past week may have come with wobbly, teary emotions.  Secondly a rattiness at the current state of your life and a frisson of impatience and intolerance causing a strong desire to get moving may also have surfaced!!

Certainly this weekend will have shown up tensions of where you might feel boxed in – either by your own choices or those imposed upon you by others.

This in itself is not as bad as it may seem. Often time getting a decision, cognisance or a turning point – even one that is not favourable – frees you up from limbo and allows you to move forward.

So it is tension that can give rise to new insights that are so grounded, practical and helpful – they really could mark glorious New Beginnings of a very special kind.

Getting unstuck from anything negative is good for your well-being.  We can all have this advancement in our lives now.

The impetus to move on from, change and re-organise anything that has depressed, angered or trapped us in the past, is now uppermost in our minds and supported by the new forward-motion energy flow.

Harmonising the dynamics between duty and commitment and nurture, stability & commitment are possible now.  De-scaling the war between Male & Female in all its guises and expressions is likely now and could feel done by latest 24th September.  Hooray It’s been a long time coming!!!!

There are other elements supported by this new flow too.  Sorting out such areas as:

  • Connecting to the Core You – understanding yourself better in terms of who you are and who you really want to be
  • Working towards Fulfilment, Growth & Satisfaction
  • Increasing Personal Happiness
  • Financial issues impeding your life
  • Re-working the Timelines of your Life
  • Career moves – changes at work are likely now
  • Solving or Improving Family Troubles &
  • Re-organising your Lifestyle to enhance your well-being
  • Correcting any wrong turns made or dead-ends
  • Clarifying the Karmic Payback of past/present events and noting where you can rectify situations for the best outcome for all
  • Living with more work/personal life balance
  • Dealing with Commitment Blocks and/or Making Stable Commitments
  • Making Sound Investments
  • Building, Achieving, Utilising from all the resources at your fingertips
  • Plan & Operate for Increased Success – both personal and material
  • Finding Growth Buddies
  • Making New Connections with organisations / networks / partnerships / colleagues / suppliers etc. that are helpful and progressive
  • Identifying who/what/where makes you happy and putting that wisdom into practice
  • Pin Down the next best steps both solely and jointly for Expansion & Success of Projects, Life Plans, Strategies, Studies, Partnerships, Relationships

To Name But a few…It’s certainly an action time and we are no longer held back.  Enjoy it all!

On a different note – the sadness, loss or sorrow that surfaced for so many from mid-week, may well have had you crying into your pillow.

It marks the beginning of a forth-coming period that began to affect us on Wed 5th September. Venus Retrograde comes into full effect from 6th Oct in Scorpio, ending on 16th November in harmonious Libra.

However by now, having lived with so many retrogrades this year – we are sensitised and well-versed in noticing the effects of them on our psyche.

Between now and mid-November we could all experience revolutions of every kind in our relationships.

At the beginning of the year I foretold that many romantic relationships, partnerships, friendships, working relationships and the like could split and encounter strife and discord leading to sudden, unexpected endings.

For many now, under the Venus Retrograde canopy, reconciliations are possible.

Naturally there will be some partings that are for the best and highest good of all concerned and they come as a relief actually.

However, other separations could turn out to be more temporary than permanent.

By mid-November latest, we could see peace and temperance return to reunite those who really are better together than apart.

This phase – Venus in Scorpio – is an unlikely pairing for some.  But definitely a time when the subject of “union” in all its guises will be re-examined and re-played.

It is a time when passion, lust, chemistry and a deep need for a sublime connection can be re-explored and re-defined.  There is the chance of physical intimacy and closeness to come, that was not present before, that has the power to open up the heart and increase love.  Love for the other, the couple, the committed life and Self-Love.

For it is when we experience the giving of healthy Love to others that we love ourselves most.  It is in the loving of another that we find our true heart.

For Singletons – new pairings that turn up now will feel very ‘meant-to-be’.  Keep in mind that after this period some of those Mr/Mrs Right could turn out to be more transient that first expected.  The key here is to have fun & frolics and see what comes of it, later down the line at the end of the year.

And finally today’s New Moon in Virgo – like all New Moons opens up a mini-cycle that will last for 12 months.  It’s always good to action a cosmic order and intention list around this time of initiation.

This is also a perfect time to:

  • Start an improved healthy eating approach
  • Step back from fussing or over-doing
  • Drop the guilt that pushes you to over do or give too much for other
  • Discipline the part that makes you feel the need to compensate for others
  • Evaluate who are you when you stop ‘doing’ or ‘busy-ing’
  • Ask yourself “Am I content and happy in my downtime?
  • Introduce a balanced exercise regime
  • Integrate body and spirit – connect the physical self, via meditation, to the Higher Self
  • Stop criticising yourself or others
  • Understand and Appreciate your value – even when you stop working, giving, achieving, earning, having…
  • Investigate how to BE more regularly and comfortably

Finally its worth mentioning the possible tensions that could arise on Wednesday 12th can give way to blissful harmony and happy miracles from Thursday 13th onwards. 1

It’s going to be a busy few weeks – but with all this potential how can you fail to launch?

If you need tools, help, energising or support to be your best self – I am here for you.  We can work on all this together and make the load easier.

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