2018 What’s It All About

January 21, 2018

Welcome to Rosylife 2018!  How has the new year started for you? Have the energies descended like a tonne of bricks or are you raring to go?

What does the year have in store for you I wonder?  I know that for many it will be transformational and that’s very exciting isn’t it? Whatever comes your way – I am here to help as always.

I might expect initially that Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) could be feeling stifled and out of sorts, whilst Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) may fear their fire’s gone out and feel a little depressed.

Perhaps Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) feel nervously hopeful and progressive. Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) are more in their element this year – so they might be feeling willing, ready and eager to get started.

Don’t worry this is just the first reaction to the new year’s energies and it will all evolve to be optimistic for all over the next week or so.

I know so many of you were thoroughly fed up with 2017 and couldn’t wait to be free of it. I heard multiple times how it had been the worst year ever and the hurtling pace and seeming chaos felt too exhausting and overwhelming.

Well all change now! In its implementation, 2018 could not be more different. Gone is the time for misty visions, philosophising lofty ideals, awakenings and wishful thinking – endlessly chasing an inner truth that was the source of all that we created from for the last 2.5 years.

In 2018 our reality gets REAL!  This is the year to put our feet on the ground and start actively living in the Now. Finally after six crazy years, we do know ourselves and our Life Purpose better and we get the chance to consolidate and build!!

We enter a time of stabilisation to allow us to capitalise on all that has surfaced and been learnt over that time.  Wow that’s Big – aren’t you glad of the change and opportunity?!  I know I am.

The change of pace from fast-&-furious to slow-&-steady affords us space and time to re-organise and build structures from which to operate from. We need new infrastructure in our life to house all that we have realised, emerged and developed into since 2012.

I am so excited for you all. 2018 is That time – the time when you go over the wall that has held you back – or opposed you – or demanded of you for so long. This is Your time now and 2018 is laden with opportunity and abundance.

Ok, so we may need to cut our losses or accept and face some inconvenient truths, situations, people and facts, but that decisive acknowledgment brings clarity.  And decision opens up the pathway for progress.
And isn’t the end of suffering what we all want? Of course that means always dealing and healing your personal pain before you can turn your attention to others and the planet at large. But in the waking moments of 2018 – literally the next few weeks – we will serve ourselves best, when we admit the truth of our situation and actually start dealing with it.

Lets all Live in the Now and take positive action. 2018 is not a year to be lazy about our happiness and security. It is a time for focus and determination, courageously taking responsibility for all that happens in Your life. Perhaps this is when you lovingly and compassionately look at yourself in the mirror and decide to cherish yourself and your life more?

For those who determine to achieve their dreams or take the first/interim steps towards that – all efforts will be superbly rewarded as great abundance is interweaved in every second of this year.

The change of pace to methodical is very helpful indeed and gives us all time to breathe.  Imagine a drum beat that is reliable, familiar, constant and stabilising. Decide to set your breathing, thinking and moving to a steadier pulse of little-and-often rather than all-or-nothing.

There is a caveat to the time we have in our hands. It is best used wisely or we could end up feeling the hefty whack of waste, untapped potential and loss, bringing inevitable regret, guilt & self-punishment.

Therefore 2018 is a time of visceral, positive action with growth, success and achievement of all kinds possible now. Thank God/Goddess – Isn’t it about time???!!!!!!!

By the middle of January we will be aware of our first step and the universe will give us power and resource to secure it. Our part is to dig deep with courage in heart and start to do it.  Taking just one step can open up the gates to a better life.

2018 prompts us to grow both on the material and spiritual level combined. This is the jewel in its crown – it provides us with ability to merge a higher way of living into the ordinary everyday life!  And that will make our own world and the world at large, a better place to be.

The strongest and most developmental months are January, May, October – but literally every day counts and gives generously to our cause.

The Positive Key Descriptors are: Steady, Methodical, Balanced, Truthful, Acceptance, Personal Responsibility, Expansion, Abundant (in all areas not just money), Action, Gritty Reality, Success, Humour, Communicative, Determination, Heart-Felt Nurturing & Care, Achievement, Ownership, Loving, Inclusive, Utilisation, Resourcefulness, Tolerance, Thrive, Leadership, Flourish, Resolute, Strength, Faith/Self-Belief, Commitment, Tenacity, Lighten Up, DO IT NOW!

Possible Negative traps to guard against are: Procrastination, Blaming Others & Situations, Limiting Beliefs, Lack of Trust, Wastefulness, Ingratitude, Prevarication, Inferiority, Controlling Behaviours (remember the more you control others the less in control you are of yourself), Perfectionism, Laziness, Entitlement, Expectation, Rigidity, Intolerance, Superiority, Corruption, Loss, Guilt, Punishment, Exploitation, So called Duty vs Reality, Living in the Past.

Of course if you are still feeling exhausted and ravaged by 2017 – then there is time for you to re-group and convalesce.  This is important too. You may need to heal before you can get going!
Certainly if you feel the need for help and assistance weaving all this new opportunity into your life – then I am here to help you get organised.

Or if you want support climbing your biggest hurdle – we can do it together…
So let’s be happy that we’ve got a real chance here to do something useful and finally have the breathing space in which to do it. Feels like an answered prayer to me! Sing it with me  ‘Oh the times they are a-changing!!!’

I wish you all the joys of 2018!

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