Aquarius Tenure – 21st Jan – 18th Feb – Angel Cambiel

January 20, 2014



The major premise behind Aquarius is ‘The Brotherhood of Man’ and how as individuals, we best serve our fellow man, other Earth inhabitants, Plants, Animals, Sea Creatures and the Planet as a whole.

The symbol of the water bearer signifies flow – imagine how many drops are in a flow of water and you get the idea about Aquarians – they like to work together with others in their creative flow for the good of the whole…

Other archetypes include: Independence, Rebellion, Radical, Expansive, Change, Forward Thinking, Aspirations, Expansion, Group Endeavors, Activated Vision, and the Social Collective.

For this reason, Angel Cambiel helps us to consider where our ambitions, principles and ideals lie and what part they actually play in our life.

Are we full of airy-fairy talk that sounds good but never actually achieves anything?  Or do we come together and take action? Typically Aquarians in their power exude confidence to act out their ideas.

Angel Cambiel feels lofty in the reach of her presence and yet supremely maternal, which brings her up close and personal.  Aquarian incisive vision can deliver unpalatable truths that require action. Ask Angel Cambiel to help you through moments of focused activity followed by periods of rest and musing whilst under her influence.

Cambiel says:

“Take time out to consider the bigger picture of where you are going and ask yourself – who is carrying the real cost of your endeavour?  Where are you being supported – perhaps unfairly – what and to whom do you need to give back.  Temper what you want with what you need to give.  Listen to your conscience – it will always guide you well” 

Cambiel will also help you increase Divine Masculine and Feminine energies and developing deeper spiritual identity and growth activity.

Crystal wise you have the choices:-

  • Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone or Selenite draw down the silver, feminine wisdom and powers to develop your spiritual consciousness
  • Aquamarine is great for healing any emotional turbulence blocking your progress
  • Selestite – the crystal of the angels, to guide your path over the bridge of your heart towards a connection with the higher self



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