Aries Tenure – 20th March–19th April – Angel Machidiel

March 20, 2014


This can be a very impulsive and courageous time!  It is the time of Aries – the powerhouse of the Zodiac – aka the newborn soul who knows no bounds – the risk-taker who let’s nothing stand in the way of where it wants to go…

This energy will fire you up and we may all feel compelled to something under these skies.  So with this assertive, confident and spontaneous energy around us – we are wise to go within and intuit our next best steps.

Angel Machidiel can help us with outstanding issues of low self-esteem and work to strengthen our fortitude and individuality.  Machidiel is there to help when we push hard to find the courage to match our actions with our dreams.

There is a caution though.  Be careful not to overdo the pushing of others around you, as you break the ties of your own insecurities.  Be brave, make decisions but try and spare a thought for others in the process!

Machidiel reminds us to still listen to the intuitive world, rather than base any decisions solely in the material levels.

Crystal wise choose Ruby Or Bloodstone to re-vitalise physical energy and stability and Amber for protection and to bolster the heart centre gently.

Archangel Michael is often associated with Aries, as Michael is a very powerful Archangel unafraid to use his golden sword of Truth to sort things out. Michael is our protector, companion and all round supporter who will work tirelessly to help you in all matters.

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