Autumn Equinox & Seasonal Gateway

September 24, 2017

Here comes Autumn! We are now passing through the seasonal switch from Summer to Autumn and what a splendid and beautiful time this is.

The Autumn gateway opened on Friday 22nd September with the Equinox and stays open till 30th September, to allow us all to safely and fully pass through and welcome in the change of seasons.

You may already be feeling the shift and wondering how to manage it all!

Many people experience a ‘clearing out’ at this time – so breathlessness, colds, coughs, dizziness, aches & pains, clutter clearing, detoxing & cleansing, endings & beginnings, feeling ungrounded or overwhelmed are all very common. So is lack of sleep as the energy switch can really fire us up!

Despite any such symptoms – the Autumn Gateway like any sacred and natural event – can be a very beneficial time, if we know how to make it so.

I am hosting an Autumn Equinox Healing Activation Event at Gazelli House in London next Wednesday 27th September to show you how to get the most from it all and it would be great to see some of you there.

Included in the Event:

We will utilise these energies to help harmonise and soothe ourselves.

It is also a time for learning how to appreciate and harvest, as well as discern and discriminate in the natural Autumnal review and so much more…

We will actively work with the energies for Harvesting, Gratitude, Clearing, Healing, Mediation & Manifestation.

Harnessing all its potent power to enhance your own life – we will celebrate the rise and the fall and empower ourselves within the bounty of this cycle.

We will also connect with the autumn angels and the earthly autumnal Feminine and Masculine Deities to get extra support and connectivity.

For more details and to book your place click here….

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Let’s do it together!

Sending You so much Love & Joy – Elizabeth Rose


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