Can You See The Hidden Blessing?

May 20, 2018

The energy of Tuesday’s New Moon in Taurus was simply Divine.  The harmony and bliss that came through was tremendous, not only in the depth of its Love but also in the immense joy in its Light. It was pure bliss.

The initiation of each new moon cycle is a gift from the Universe helping us to simply start over.  We are given an energetic clean slate from all that went before. It is a great time to plan, organise, re-generate, launch, set in motion our goals and schemes.

Add to that other feel-good factors and the Uranus effect as well as the New Moon and you may have experienced results rapidly firing back at you!!

The timeline of thoughts and feelings to reality seems almost immediately doesn’t it?! We must be so careful of where we put our desire and focus, as the outcomes are literally manifesting into the physical world in an instant!!

These quick moves may seem full of positivity, enthusiasm and optimism, but the require discerning processing, to ensure they are really right for your best and highest well-being.

For example If you think – I’ve want to buy a house – the universe says Abracadabra – and 2 day later you have an offer accepted on a property.  So then starts the real process of how am I going to do this and is it really right for me??

Surrounding all that though, has also been tension and dis-ease.  First there was the uneasiness of the energetic build-up of the new moon felt some days before –  alerting us to just how powerful it was going to be.

Following its culmination  – there was what I call the inevitable ego kick-back. All at once – as we assimilate the new Moon energies – we also purge shadow baggage.

This is where we felt the strain of all that was coming out of us – as a result of all that bliss going into our systems.  And boy didn’t it stir up a storm?

There is so much flashing before our eyes!  Slights, Disappointments, Embarrassments, Fears (old and new),  Wounds (small and large), Losses (that are petty or huge), Missed Opportunities (woulda, coulda, shoulda), Regrets (if only), Jealousies (what about me?), Resentments (where is my reward?), Infinite Possibility & Potential, Irritation/Frustration/Anger/Rage, Judgement – you name it – it’s all spilling out!

It’s like everything we’ve ever thought or felt is coming at us through the light beams.

For every trap there is a way out – either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Have you noticed that in all this chaos and rush – there are revelations that are trying to help and guide you?

Are you being shown how quickly this universe and YOU can actually manifest and beginning to understand “Be Careful What You Wish For” more fully?

Is something being revealed that you need to really accept and live with?

Breathe deep to find it – it IS there – lurking as the Hidden Blessing.  As you search for your answers and explanations – practice Compassion & Tolerance  for yourself and others.

Remind yourself where you are Solid!

Is your strength and foundation in your belief-system, morals, integrity, trust, productivity, relationship, family, professionalism, financials, health, passion, friendships, faith?

What is the rock of your life – that – which you return to after everything?  Remember to cherish it and be grateful and most of all love it to help get you through.

Otherwise Call on the Divine often to manage – and know the angels et al are there beside you helping you at once!

Chanting mantras can keep you sane when all else is failing.  Some of my faves are ‘This too shall pass” and “Look forward – don’t look back” or “I forgive myself” and “I AM”.

And if you need more one-to-one help and support – I am here for you.  There are a couple of Rosylife Healing treatments that are very popular right now and I am witnessing just how helpful they can be.  They are:

1/ Removal of Limiting Beliefs – that may have dogged you for years

2/ Aura Cleanse – don’t get stuck – stay in constant flow

3/ Contract Removal – Removing blocks

4/ Angel Reiki Healing – to release anguish, angst, overwhelm

5/ Anger Releasing – relinquish all your rage, resentment & bitterness

6/ Ancestral/Family Healing – shake off inherited baggage that isn’t yours

7/ Developing Discernment – receiving guidance for your best & highest well-being

8/ Intuitive Consultations – providing clarity, answers & focus

It is my Hope & Prayer for you, me and the whole world this week, that we all receive plenty of smiles to balance any trials.

I send you all unlimited Divine Blessings – In Loving Kindness – Elizabeth Rose

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