Cancer Tenure – Angel Muriel

June 20, 2014

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Cancer – 21 June – 22 July – Angel Muriel

We now enter the tenure of Cancer where all things homely and nurturing are celebrated.  Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother of us all and inspires consideration of what soothes and nourishes our deep inner domestic and personal needs.

Angel Muriel feels wonderfully soft and feminine with a wonderful aroma of all that is comforting about being ‘home’ – that being wherever your heart is. This angel comes with the feeling of your favorite person who makes everything right again.

Muriel’s energy is soothing and calm and touches on the issues of reticence, self-reliance and contentment.  It is a gift indeed to be confident and self-contained, without being too withdrawn and detached from the world.

Again Muriel stresses balance in motion.  Know your truth and grow that into your power rather than being afraid of it.  Trust your instincts over your intellect.

Muriel says:

Worry & Control are pointless things and serves no one – not even yourself

It is an easy habit to break when you realise that showing love is a far stronger expression of the love you have for yourself and your dearest ones

Feel your connection and spread your love to those who come into your life

This too will help you to grow


Crystal wise – work with Opal to overcome a fear of visibility and accountability and Rhodochrosite for releasing trauma/negative emotions and re-balancing the heart chakra.

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