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October 1, 2017

October brings forth the start of Big Positive Changes and new 12 month and 12 year phases begin.

Trouble is new start-up phases are murky and unclear in the Creation process and we’re left hanging in the confusion and the fog of the emergence.


With all the revelations in the air – we may have a new, more honest path to tread. Some will retreat from that truth into deeper shadows of denial, refusal and illusion. For the rest of us – we will ditch the delusion of false havens and ego-desires, for a healthier more congruent existence and real security and happiness.

Of course this doesn’t mean we have to change in one fell swoop of some imaginary sword or magic wand! No, these changes need to be developed, refined and integrated at a pace that makes us feel comfortable but not stifled. That usually translates to quicker than we want, but not as quick as we fear.

Connecting to the Higher Self and the Universal/Angelic help is a marvellous way of lifting the pressure off the Human self.

Now is a wonderful time to examine how you measure success. If your only ‘win’ is the reaching of an end goal – you may find yourself struggling hard for a long time.

Being able to appreciate and be grateful for each small progressive step taken towards achieving change is a real life-soother. It doesn’t dilute the focus – rather it builds it, because it helps us feel happier in the now and the energy of Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies in the universe.

Refuse to give yourself a hard time when you don’t get instant results. Don’t think you’re not coping just because you find transition and rebirth challenging. It is!   Throw away the self-abuse and pick up Compassion and Self-Love instead and Life will get temperate and easier.

The universal law of Life-Death-Rebirth principle is embedded in everything that we are and all that the planet and universe is.

Therefore every ending (or death) is followed by the eternal inevitable rebirth and new beginning that IS better than before, even if we have to grow into the wisdom of seeing that. Phew – Thank God/Goddess for that! Otherwise what would it all be for???

So how does the future look? Well that’s an individual answer that is only designed by your heart and inner/higher wisdom. But understand that ‘powering through’ just doesn’t work like it used to and in many cases it doesn’t work at all anymore! So we need to re-form everything more kindly – from our self image, perception, self-love, boundaries, goals, lifestyle, partners, relationships to our life-purpose and be-ing.

If you need help starting over or improving your life – I am here for you. Let’s work together to build your strength, trust, faith in yourself and your new life.

Top Tip – don’t leave it until you are in crisis – as its much harder then

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