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March 18, 2018

This next few weeks offer up some massive energy to take full advantage of in your personal journey.

Are there blocks and disappointment even despair in your Lovelife Corner?  Do you experience the same themes or outcomes with different partners time and again?  So that is a sign from your Soul that you need to go within and untangle what is tying you up in knots.

I understand that our Lovelife is often a part of life where we can feel most humiliated or lost.  It can be the one place where we lose ourselves and stumble.

There are so many reasons for this – sometimes the healing journey can resemble an archaeological dig in dealing with the multi-layers!

Trust me though when I say – doing the work – even when you are tired and seemingly defeated – is all worth it and rewarded to you, when you meet your one True Love.  And when you heal you do attract Real Love.  When you don’t heal you attract Bad Love.

With Venus(representing Love) in Aries (representing success/progress) – now is a great time to sort your Lovelife out.  Whether you are single or in partnership, because sometimes finding someone is not always the problem –making them stick can be the tricky thing to achieve!

Thank God/Goddess – we have the SPRING EQUINOX on March 21st to enjoy.  This Day of Balance marks not only the astrological and Nature New Year’s Day as well as the change of Season but also the opportunity to turn the page in your life and start afresh.

I encourage you to Spring Clean your home, car, office, inbox, files etc.  You will certainly feel the benefits and it’s a communication to the universe that you are fit and willing to receive new year energy flow and positive change.  Hope springs eternal in Spring!

And finally we are approaching another Mercury Retrograde.  This is traditionally a time when Life slows down more if we need it (rather than want it) and we are asked to look to any unfinished business or reformations that can be helpful.

Some pertinent questions to ask yourself during this time are:

  • Where am I not communicating my needs successfully?
  • How am I conducting my business?  Am I as efficient and productive as I want to be?
  • What part of my persona is not working for me anymore?
  • Is this old out dated relationship holding me back?
  • What am I talking myself into?
  • What excuses am I making to talk myself out of doing…?
  • Where am I out of balance?
  • Where have I lost hope or optimism or sight of my long-term goal?
  • Is there another job or occupation perfect for my current needs?
  • What deals or agreements need a re-fresh?
  • Where do I gossip?
  • Do I need a financial check and over-haul?
  • What am I approaching in an impulsive way?
  • Where am I being rigid or demanding on someone?
  • Do others force or dictate to me and how do I handle that?
  • What old story do I let run/ruin my whole life?
  • Where am I attached, obsessed or addicted for No good purpose – but just don’t give it up?
  • Has this person really returned to my life for anything other than closure?
  • Where have I lost part of me and how do I retrieve it?
  • Consider what or whom you need your freedom from…

All these questions and more can arise over the next few weeks. What is certain is that by the end of it, with some targeted attention, you can be better off for the phase.

Suggested Rosylife Treatments & Antidotes:

  • Lovelife Healing – Let’s get you to Happy!
  • Soul Retrieval and/or Past Life Therapy – reclaim lost power, knowledge, soul direction and clarity
  • Family Healing – release the burdens & blocks
  • Communication & Organisation Healing – healing the Mercury Retrograde from within
  • Deep Trauma Clearing – mending your deepest wound and turning it into your biggest strength using the final powers of Chiron in Pisces

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