Clear Your Way to Vibrant Health!

September 3, 2017

Even the most busy, successful among us need time and space just to b-e.  Whenever we retreat and listen, inspiration rises that can only come from that specific kind of personal well-being.

By now most Rose-lifers know that I refer to stages of development and various levels of energy all the time.  This is to help the conscious/ego brain understand the way the universe works and ourselves within all that.

Right now – on a mundane level we are picking up the pieces and re-structuring our lives in this new paradigm.  Even though our lives look they same – they surely don’t feel the same.  And that is because they are not!

Everything is energetically different and our attachment to the old is outdated. As we approach the balancing Autumn Equinox threshold – our minds and hearts will keep returning to the very issue or person in our lives that we can no longer endure.  Some of the old stuff/people/situations just have to go or will need re-structuing!

So for example if you are battling with a life-long phobia, habit, attachment, additction or compulsion – Now is the time to shed the dross!

Keep in mind – not all addictions/attachments are substance-abuse.

We can be overly-attached to do the same ol same ol in a dead-end direction or addicted to Bad Love or Bad Bosses or Road Rage or Self-Criticism or Low Self-Esteem or Procrastination or Over-spending or or or….

There are so many ways in our choices and behaviours that surface at this time.

What’s yours ?

Ask yourself:
What am I sick of?
What do I want to escape from?
What or Whom can I no longer live with?
What needs tweaking – so it feels easier to live with?

Once you know that you’re through the Identification stage.

Then we can start the Clearing & Healing stage to work gently and purposefully from there – at a pace that suits you.  Firstly you will need some clearing and healing from the source of what got you in this situation in the first place.

Next there is the Empowerment stage, where you begin to build up confidence and belief that you can even make the change to over-come what has been over-powering you.

Then there is the Inspiration stage – where new ideas on how to live more satisfactorily, happily and congruently start to appear as if by magic!

And finally there is what I call ‘Going Over The Wall’ stage – when you decide the time is right to change, exit or quit.  These are magnificent times of personal power and development and always destined to bring Truth, Love & Light into your world.

Remember even though we sometimes go through our darker feelings to get to our Light – the Light is always there.  It is Never the case that we go into our shadow and get stuck there!

We only go searching inside ourselves for purpose – the purpose of actually getting better and to feel happier and strong – banishing anxiety, fear and anger.

We are not masochists re-visiting our shadowy depths just to see how bad we had it or how awful we are feeling. We go to make ourself get better.  And we go Together – I will be supporting, proctecting and guiding you every step of the way!

Once we get through the baggage to the other side of empowerment, all your innate magical wonderful talents and abilities begin to appear.  You truly begin to Shine!

If you’re reading this and your critical inner voice is saying YOU don’t have any talents or abilities – well – I am here to tell you that you DO!!  You just haven’t connected with that energy or those parts of you YET.

Preparing to face the fears that are blocking out your fun and zest for living is really what this Autumn is all about.  And it starts in September with a getting a plan for YOU.

One of the treatments that is working wonders at this time is Soul Retrieval.  This is where you retrieve a part of yourself that was ‘lost’ due to some difficult experience or trauma.  Have you ever found yourself saying “I used to be so…..” – Then it may well be that a part of you needs re-connecting to the whole again so you can re-energise it into your Now.

Now is the time!  Let’s get you started with your New Life plan and pathway.

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