Cosmic Assistance & What The Angels Say

October 1, 2017

Angel Wise – call on Archangel Raguel to bring more Harmony into your life and Archangel Chamuel to help heal all relationships.

Crystal Magic – use Andesine (red Laboraite) for deep peace or Red Corel for increased connection and community.

Complimentary Colours – Orange-Red, Gold-Yellow, Green

What the Angels Say Archangel Ariel comes forward with a Message on Strength.

Ariel Says

I AM Archangel Ariel and I AM right here for you now!

Call on me when you need fortitude to overcome

I see the strength and courage that is held deep within you

I will help you connect to that inner knowing as well as your unique talents and abilities

I will help you uplift your life into the sovereignty of your destiny

It is all perfectly formed for your best and highest good

Together we can build the bridge and get you home to where you belong

I AM Archangel Ariel

07760 994251

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