Cosmic Assistance

February 18, 2018

Crystal Magic
Neon Apatite, Rhodochrosite, Pink Topaz, Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Sugilite

Complimentary Colours
Violet & All Blues, Heather, Mauve, Pink, Fuschia, Yellow

Flower Power
Hyacinth, Lilies, Lily of the Valley, Snowdrop, Crocus, Pink Carnation

Animal Spirit
The birds in our gardens deliver messages and healing energy into our lives every day. All your local garden birds (could be Sparrow, Robin, Blackbird, Thrush, Finch, Dove, Pigeon, Magpie, Parrot, Great/Blue Tit, Wren, Crow, Raven) are singing, cooing or cawing to help you.

Sound Healing
Musical tone G

Suggested Best Treatments for Current Phase

Ancestral Healing – ideal treatment if you are trying to break free of conditioning forced upon you by your family situation and upbringing.  The initial session will work on clearing the psychic debris of recent generations.  However there is no limit to how far back this treatment can reach and we can work specifically on a particular theme if required. It is amazing to release blocks/imprints/curses/diseases/impairments from way back on the ancestral line that heals everyone on the family tree and even future generations.

Past Life Regression Therapy – clearing blocks that you can feel but can’t see or even satisfactorily explain – but that you know are there. Not everyone is 100% sure if they have a past life – but once they experience this treatment – generally there is more acceptance about it all and more focus on recovery.  Often the benefits of Past Life not only address the issue that brings you to healing – but also many other issues that you weren’t even trying to resolve.

Life Strike Syndrome – if you feel tired, worn out, spent or in unclear mind and emotional fog – then a deep and transformative Energy Healing will shift you on and help you get back to life in a helpful and constructive way.

Wanting to Get Started but Feeling Blocked  – by either a lack of something you can pinpoint – or something hidden that is unknown to you, but that you feel is active and present. This treatment clears the fog and regains your clarity.

Release Anger & Heal wounds – beautiful Angel Reiki & Energy Healing give you all that you need to restore and reboot yourself.

Birth-chart Reading & Healing – The birth chart is the map to your life and destiny.  These sessions are in perfect harmony with current energy influences, triggers and downloads – these valuable sessions can be used to maximise the benefits and breakthroughs.

What The Angels Say

Archangel Ariel comes forward with a message about Living Life to the Max!

Dearest One!
NOW is the time to throw away all the old limitations of your Life!
Break free, Let Loose & Fly!
Break the chains of old, out-dated pre-conceived ideas and past life experiences that keep you small
You are DIVINE!
Your Potential within – The Real You – is ready to shine
The energy of your planet rising and You can soar with it

There is no better time than now – You are Divinely guided by your own destiny to be A-L-L that you can be

So feel the never-ending supply of Love in your heart and let it pour over…

Firstly that Love must go to Yourself – fill yourself up with sublime Love & Divine connection

Then connect with others on your wavelength and explore, laugh, love & create together – find your clan – join your grid – commune in clarity & focus and travel together in joy and harmony

In the vast eternal plan you are free of any limitation – you are free simply to BE!



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