Current Themes

April 22, 2018

The mantra for the coming week is Expect the Unexpected – but in a good way.  Whatever happens to you – even if it appears to be in disguise and deconstruction – will open up new doors and pathways for you and lead to ultimate gain.

The current energy has the power to dismantle our walls and bust our dams.  Free at last! Free at Last!

Remember what starts out as your protection often becomes a prison. The smaller the life you lead, the more you will end up doubting yourself.  So dream and live big and partnered with careful and meticulous strategy and planning – then you can only succeed.

There is a definite strengthening available to each and every one of us now.

Will you take it?  If so, how will it look in your life?

Be wise and take that leap of Faith.  Too scared to do it alone – (and who isn’t?) then reach out and get the help and support you need to see you through these turbulent times.

There is a need for caution though – tempers could still rise – so don’t get confused into thinking that aggression or confrontation is real power. It isn’t.

The surge of clearing and healing is so evident to see – the breakthroughs of recent sessions are ground-breaking and end up just so happy and hopeful.

Current Themes & Side effects:

” Head & Neck tension – Cramping Stomach issues – Tense Nervous System
” Male Energy/Father/Lover/Money/Progress/Manifesting/Confidence wounds
” Triggers causing anger & rage to rise up and out
” Replays of old situations that you thought were resolved but aren’t
” Family issues re-surfacing for one more swing around the mulberry bush
” Finding your limits – where are you not taking ‘it’ anymore – putting new boundaries in place
” Final Endings – Where and With Whom are you done?
” Avoidance – burying your head in the sand rather than facing up to your problem
” Impulsive & Impetuous reactions to ‘solve’ your situations that actually make it worse
” Clearing Clutter – Letting Go!
” Love Twists – is your relationship fulfilling your needs or are you clinging on to something just to stop you from leaving?
” Lack of Abundance – are you feeling the pinch?  Change your mindset even if you can’t change your budget
” Personal Power – seize the day and increase your sense of power
” Interrupted or Little sleep & weird/busy/intense dreams of different kinds that are either
– mind-clearing your life
– cataloguing fears for your to address
– provide premonition
” Deconstructions, Disruptions, Endings & Constructions of New  Beginnings & Pathways – trading in old cycles for new more creative and happy scenarios
” Life Purpose – taking a considered and mastered step towards your Life Goals
” World Peace Contribution – Discover how you can make a BIG and REAL difference!
There are Rosylife Sessions to address all the above issues and more – working holistically to provide solutions for MindBodySpirt.   I am here to help you through.

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