December 2017 Articles

February 18, 2018

What’s It All About?

We are being poked and triggered by the last shot of purging energies coming in for 2017.
There are some fundamental themes at play in all of our lives:

– Battle of the Sexes – how are the male & female energies or people in your life are integrating, harmonising or clashing?
– Power Struggles – are you in a power struggle with someone else or even a part of yourself?  Does it have to be win-loose fight to the death – or is there some any room for at all for cooperation or cutting your losses?
– Anxiety – this is really a crisis of under-or-over doing or over-thinking. If this is you – then reach out and get stablised and grounded
– Depression – the illness of those who are repressing their trauma or anger. Don’t delay and take the clearing healing you need
– Procrastination – currently this energy is highlighted to the max and coming at us strong and fast – invest in yourself to discover what tools may have to combat it

These issues do seem to be working us from every angle right now and in some cases they are being so magnified to help us finally take the action desperately needed to deal with them once and for all.

When such a “healing crisis” presents itself – please try and remember that it is part of our Life Purpose that we are affected by feelings and states that make us examine and introspect.

It is in No way a failure on your part to be affected by issues that challenge.  Rather it is a Life Requirement to develop yourself and grow from within as well as materialistically on the outside. If you are searching for answers – you’re on the right track!  Live, Learn, Expand & Love is the only way.

If you need help getting past any of the above – then book a Rosylife session today. I am seeing so many great healings taking place right now – with people feeling lighter and more able to cope.

Clear Your Way To Vibrant Health

Procrastination is a massive theme for so many right now – and the good news is that the current energies are so helpful that it can be terminated once and for all.

Getting out of this state and correcting it, is a wise, life-enhancing and mature action to take.

It requires kind, loving and helpful treatment to allow you to be honest and authentic in identifying the wound that is causing the block and resolving whatever is holding you back.

There are many different forms of Procrastination – here are some:

– Rigid thinking or Refusal – this is where you’re trapped in not wanting to change. Do you ever think “Its not me it’s the others!” or “ I can’t change the world!”
– Denial & Refusal – do you ignore your procrastinated state or make a long list of reasons why you can’t make any or even small positive changes?
– Delusion – The lottery ticket way to live – I’ll do it one day
– Disconnect – do you find yourself saying “I don’t know” often or walking around spaced out lacking in energy or motivation?
– Forgetfulness & Lack of Commitment – Do you ever start well but then either forget to do what is required or run out of steam?
– Lost – do you feel like a part of you is missing and that you need it back before you can move on?
– Lack of Self Love/Co-dependent – putting everyone’s needs before your own
– Indecision – Is there refuge in not making a decision?  Does it feel more comfortable for you not to remain undecided? At best, Indecisiveness is a temporary state – it is not meant to last for weeks, months, years or decades
– Low Motivation & Confidence – Do you not trust yourself to make the right decision or carry out the necessary steps to achieve your goal?
– Divine Timing – the least common but relevant.  Its when you can say  “I don’t know what is coming – but I do know something is going to happen that will open up a new pathway for me.”  Even this state has to be worked through
Remember this – once the block is gone – the fear and disconnect go too – which means that making changes for the better is so much easier than it was before.

I am seeing brave and courageous people end days, weeks, years of procrastination right now and birthing themselves into new directions and pathways that are much more representative of the Real them – the person they were meant to be.

So if you are looking for kind, non-judgmental but effective treatment of procrastination – change your habit and book Now.


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