End of June – Friend or Foe?

July 1, 2018

See The Signs – Feel The Love…

At the end of June and in July the universe puts on a spectacle of what happens when you live small and/or when you live and dream big.

We can glimpse the reality of what our true path is supposed to look like.

You will need a sharp eye, strong heart and discernment to find the true path amidst the chaos of what is about to happen to you and around you – but the great news is – there is so much support to help you do just that.

There will be anger (lots) tears, battle of the sexes, heart-breaks, power struggles between male  and female energies in all its forms, separation, persecution, blame, victimhood, denial, u-turns, deceit, attack, male wounds rising (= Father, Husband, Partner, Brother, Son, Colleague, Authority figure), sexual wounds, money wounds, stalemate, scapegoating, limbo, brain-fog and despair.

Thankfully there will also be: Love in all its glory and guises, salvation, heart-mends, epiphany, necessary endings, hidden blessings, silver linings, new beginnings, connections, inspiration, wisdom, forgiveness, laughter, opportunity, intimacy, union, reunion, karmic re-alignment and correction and Divine Intervention.  And did I mention LOVE?

About six weeks ago the Divine gave me a solution to a problem that I didn’t even know I had, because it hadn’t even surfaced yet. The problem – a.k.a. wound – a.k.a. healing opportunity, was waiting in the wings of my shadow for IT’S time to appear visibly in the light my day.

The Angelic higher powers gave me the solution and made me sit up and notice. Duly noted I puts it aside and filed it under curious anomaly.

Later on the reason for it all became oh so clear. Why did the Divine do this?

Two reasons – No 1 quite simply I needed that solution.

Importantly the second reason was because the situation was traumatic to me.

Through this simple, loving act I was being shown reassurance and was held safe and loved by all my guides guardians and helpers.

They knew ahead of time what was going to happen and were waiting to see what choices I would make.

Now my helpers know me very well – so they probably had a fair idea of how it would play out but nonetheless they were ready for any eventuality and I realised I was protected. It made smile in the middle of the storm. In fact it’s happened several times now.

And I’m not the only one.

It’s happening to you all too.

Have you noticed the high/increasing amounts of synchronicities; connections, ‘luck’, epiphany’s, random acts of kindness, Angel numbers, feathers, coins, messages, signs and overflow of love that are coming at you?

What if that’s not helping?

Perhaps it’s because many of these blessings are either hidden or not coming from the person or place we are fixated on. It may be that our tunnel vision is indeed blocking our view.

The other reason we can’t see them is that emotional baggage stuck in the energy field is obscuring our sight.

Last but by no means least the synchronicities come in the middle of global and personal crises. And nothing eats up our clear focus and attention as much as a crisis, especially if there’s drama.

Drama by the way, is an expression of acute anxiety and dysfunction coupled with the inability to even remotely communicate our needs to ourselves or others. Evasion and denial/deceit are unavoidably linked to drama.

July is when the destiny of each life being lived on the planet gets serious. So begins a process of energy downloads that help us get to where we karmically need to be.

Can you hear your destiny calling? It’s full of love, wonder, happiness and miracles. Pass through the scary ring of fire to reach it.

We are already feeling the agony and the ecstasy of being human and have been all year. But now there will be break-through in our thinking, feelings and choices.

Some will inevitably choose to go deeper down the rabbit hole of anger, resistance, denial, separation and blame. Others will be more conscious about it and yet still perhaps not take the giant leap of faith on offer, preferring to take baby steps. The rest will just dive in.  The freewill choice is all yours.

For those who are committed to a journey of increasing self-awareness and personal evolution – we know this is all for good positive propose – right?!

But many are asking why does it have to be soooo intense?  I hear you!  Everyone is saying it.

Maybe it’s because as a race, we’ve dragged our feet about coming out of the shadows on raping the planet, abusing our fellow man or woman and making advantage of and taking for granted all our privileges.

The most supreme privilege in this life is being YOU. The creation that is You is made of pure source Love and Light. Of course it’s easy to forget this when we are in human form.

Since time began the Divine has been helping us learn how to conduct ourselves with integrity and love for all, whilst on the planet. For the last 20 years or so Mother Earth and Father Sky have given us a crash course. And we’re feeling it aren’t we?!

It might be that the lessons are more intense, because so often we resist positive growth and change. We have all done it and we all do it.

So the upshot is we are living in our own creation. The great news is that we can clear and heal and then expand our heart and minds towards Real Love.

I hold hope for this period that we can and will all find some loving comfort and progress. If you have peace and contentment then you are blessed and can withstand anything.

For the greatest cure of all this is Devine Feminine Mother Love. A love so pure it has the eternal capacity of compassion and love without limit or end.  Divine Feminine Love holds Power & Wisdom – it does Not loose itself in Co-Dependence.  It is exactly this Endurance that will save the day. Is it tough love or soothing love?  It is both!

As always I am here to help.  Let’s do this together.

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