Feb 2018 Clear Your Way To Vibrant Health

February 12, 2018

So many of us are having what I’m calling ‘Life Strike’ symptoms. This is the name my Higher Self gave me when I was talking to it about what’s coming up all over the planet for us all.  So what is Life Strike Syndrome?

Feelings like the day-to-day lives we’ve created are just not worth much anymore and yet are so demanding!

Thoughts like ‘I just can’t do this anymore!’

Fatigue beyond measure but not being able to sleep or get relief

Physical symptoms that go on and on – currently eyes are a biggie – either sore or dry or tension behind them.

Wanting just to ‘be’ and to follow the heart

Retreating – disappearing under rocks, running for the hills and withdrawing completely.

Impatience & Frustration

Yes it’s all going on!

Thankfully we are through the worst and it’s safe to come out again. But there IS still a job to do.

If you’ve been triggered beyond belief then although the crisis will soon pass – it will surely return if you don’t put in some healing steps to lessen its grip on either your psychology, emotions, physicality, financials, work or where-ever it hit you.

The keys to solving your dilemma could be in….

(1) Inner Truth – loving yourself enough to really face your biggest needs and desires and what you need to give up or let go of or do to get it.  The day of personal reckoning may well be upon us all, in terms of no longer giving into our egos in exchange for listening to our beautiful and wise inner selves.

(2) Creativity – use art, song, dance, meditation, cooking, colouring, walking in Nature, writing, composing, playing – anything to loose time and just relax into the playful, fun part of our being that doesn’t have to DO anything just for a while at least.  It can be crucial to our being able to quote if we carve out some time and activity for ourselves

(3) Play – re-visit childhood games like Snap, Snakes & Ladders – Pass the Pig – anything that is quick and easy and fun – nothing too competitive!!!

(4) Relate – going completely into our relationships and communication.  Connecting primarily with yourself and your deepest truth about each attachment you have. Then tuning into others and reaching in for deep and meaningful connections by being truly present and honest in all your cherished relationships. Be brave enough to speak from your heart – even if the other person hasn’t done so yet or you’re unsure as to their reactions.

(5) Unite – we are more effective when we are united! Join groups, communities or start one yourself to ensure you have regular contact with like-minded people.  Be sure to avoid gossip, pity-parties, victim drenched conversations – keep it constructive and calm and purposeful to get the most out of it all.

(6) Remember – this is all for the good. No really it is!  The purpose of our life is to experience who we are and how we handle so many different situations.  Living Life with open heart and mind is the best way to Know what can be achieved and received. Understanding that nothing nor noone can actually take your light is the wisdom of Kings.

Archangels Michael & Zadkiel & Raziel have been great allies during these times.

This phase will end on 15th Feb and will subside about 17th Feb – so we’re close – hang in there.

But know it will go out with a big Solar Eclipse Bang and we will feel it!

The hit will come to whatever aspect of your life and psyche that is in Aquarius in your personal Birth/Natal Chart.  Chart Readings & Healings are especially helpful at this time.

I know you can make it through – but if you need some loving help or healing – I am here for you.


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