Gemini Tenure – 20th May-21st June – Angel Ambriel

May 25, 2014



Gemini | Angel Ambriel

Gemini is the zodiac’s perpetual inquisitor – positive, playful and easy to laugh. They are the great talkers of life, enjoying conversation that sweeps wildly from one subject to another, like a sort of intellectual roller-coaster.

You can say things to a Gemini, which most other people would consider crazy – and find yourself being taken seriously.

Likewise, Gemini can be exasperating because they prefer thoughts to feelings. They try to rationalise that which can’t be rationalised, like love, affection, sorrow or desire. This can lead to misunderstanding and cries of shallowness, although sometimes this leads to brilliant, original insights.

Viewing life or problems from a 360º angle coupled with the total belief that the right solution can be found, is the big wisdom this month. Ingenuity, communication and team brain-storming are key.  Also putting in the right amount of commitment and energy is vital as Ambriel warns against getting over-involved to miss the point when one should cut one’s losses, so to speak.  Finally remember the delicate balance of life and be aware enough to self-replenish little and often.

Ambriel says:

Avoid dramatic discussion and situations that continue long past their point of usefulness. The understanding of timing is a great value to keep.  Build Awareness on a soul level, of doing all that you can, then moving forward and let go when that serves your highest good.

This is wisdom and gentle strength together in one.

Crystal wise – we are using Turquoise to heal the heart and find the truth,  Blue Agate to clear and soothe and Sapphire to enhance thought and communication to a positive conclusion.


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