June – Clear Your Way to Vibrant Health

June 20, 2018

Well I think the patchy English summer weather sets the tone for what we are experiencing in our lives right now.

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad – we are still on the transformational waves of inner change and global change.

Have you noticed recently just how many synchronicities are happening right now?  It’s like the universal cosmic ordering system is working overtime!

So often we say or think or feel things that then pass or fade.  But what happens to all that?  Well, if we have energised the thoughts/feelings enough they flow outside of us and create something that will travel around the universe and then rebound back to us.

This is not news – it’s been going on since Time on Earth began.  What is interesting now is the quickening, lightening speed with which it is happening. In many cases now it’s less than 24 hours!  I for one welcome that speed – as who of us needs to wait around anymore for what can help us progress?

Even if the progress comes in the shape of a hidden blessing – i.e. something negative that changes our reality for a while or forever – it is always working to your higher Divine Plan.

I mention this for two reasons – one is – be mindful of what you energise!

So that you are request only the best from the Divine.  If you find yourself putting out something from your ego that you’d rather not create (and who doesn’t do that at least sometimes?) – then ask the angels to Delete Delete Delete it.

Secondly, as we are about to go deeper into the massive summer influences, it’s important that we remember what is coming at us is – in part – created by ourselves and what we have put out there.

And so to the continuing ‘Mars’ fuelled Earth Saga happening right now 1st October.

We will be dealing with all things Martian and the main expression of this dynamic will be the squaring or the battle of the Male and Female energies.

Male and female energies co-exist in everything all at once.  In yourself – regardless of gender or orientation  – you have male, female and child creative energies.

In all your relationships – romantic, familial, professional, there is male and female energy at work.

For many this dynamic will be felt in the Lovelife.

Keep in mind if you’ve been in a stultifying rut in your relationship corner – this energy will certainly cure that.

Sometimes as they say – you need to break a few eggs to make an omelette – in other words – there may be some conflicts along the way to get your relationship status to a better place.

But remember Love – that is healthy Love (not co-dependant) will always find its way.

I believe that some relationships will re-connect and re-invent themselves totally transforming their dynamic, whilst others will receive a less serious but also needed jolt or two and then there are those relationships that will not withstand this phase.  Either way – I am here for you – as it could be a bumpy ride before you get to the relationship promised land.

If you are single – then you will see it arise in another guise.  It may come through a male or female manager or colleague or friend or family member or…. The possibilities are infinite as this is a global influence, so everyone will get it somewhere and that is all for the GOOD!

Ultimately this is happening, because as a Race on Planet/Mother Earth at this time in our development, there is need for evolution and growth.  The shadow side of human male energy has dominated for millennia but – like all shadows – it has not brought in the best for ALL or the planet.  And its gone far enough.

Light Male energy is marvellous and can work wonders.  But Light Male energy works best in partnership and equality with Light Female energy and the two are required to bring out the solutions for our future.

It is not that Female clips the wings of the Male – rather it is in the mix that Peace & Balance are found and they are the very best foundation stones of all creation.

So we will be re-calibrating and re-balancing for quite a while.

Remember if you get upsides of Mars anger – just take a time-out. Its impossible to have an argument with someone who refuses to argue back. Wait until the anger has passed and then discuss what is so important.

A final message we can all take with us is the Flow is the perfect antidote to

all this combustion!  Wear watery aquamarine colours & crystals, take lots of salt baths or aromatherapy showers and breathe in the energy of Mother Earth and femininely Venus to help you through.  Connecting in meditation to the Divine Feminine of your Higher Self will also prove very useful at this time.

For everything else I am here for you to help with whatever needs to be done.

Some suggested Rosylife Treatments are:

  • Intuitive Consultations for Guidance on all matters
  • Mars/Male Energy Healing & Restoring – helps with dealing with the male in your life
  • Venus/Female Energy Healing & Restoring – helps with dealing with the female in your life
  • Relationship Support
  • Healing the 5 Wounds of Love: Betrayal | Denial | Judgement | Separation | Abandonment & Rejection
  • Healing Sexual Wounds
  • Bullying Healing
  • Soothe overwhelm or being bombarded by life


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