Leo Tenure – 22nd July-23rd August – Angel Verchiel

July 22, 2014

Leo is the sign emblazoned in yellow or its exalted colour of gold and brings positivity, fun and generosity. Gold is also the colour of Christ consciousness, which is super-spiritual (not religious) in its energy of eternal compassion and peace.

Leo angel Verchiel is lovingly devoted to helping and healing you during his month of service.  His special gifts lie in the areas of Courage, Leadership & Loyalty. His presence feels like a gentle warm wave of cleansing water washing through your heart and his colour is a vibrant blue-red. His energy makes you smile warmly.

Verchiel says:

‘This time is about leadership, so take charge and do so with grandeur and style. It is a time to maintain one’s standards – not letting anything go or being less than you think you could be.’

So spruce up your self-image and raise your standards back to your full heart level. Literally ‘Go for Gold’.

Do this not for anyone else – but for yourself. This phase is all about personal respect and self-dignity. We must consider ourselves as examples – to be aware of how we appear to others – not just in appearance, but also in our behaviour.
Take courage, be strident and move forward in the outside world. Believe in yourself and put your best foot forward, convinced you can make achievements.

Typically in July/August there is sunshine, warmth and love in the air.  It is easier in the summer to express the feel good fact and let love flow. Being more relaxed frees us to make first moves and take new steps, because it is good for You. This is a time of celebration and ease compared with winter. Let disputes heal. Let bygones be bygones and find forgiveness in your heart.

Let the light raise our spirits to their highest level and open us up to sharing and socializing. Relax and have fun before the autumn brings the need for hard work again. Build the happy memories that will keep you strong through the winter.

Crystal wise – work with Yellow Topaz to increase self-confidence and joy in creativity and Citrine to build self-esteem and magnetise higher awareness and opportunities – perfect for the Solar Plexus chakra.

If you are struggling to connect with your light, optimism or angels – you may well benefit from a private one-to-one session for guidance and direction. Email now at info@rosylife.com for more details.

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