Recover From Anxiety

October 7, 2017

Lately it seems that almost everyone I meet is suffering from some form of Anxiety or Depression or a wee bit of both!

We all get hit by these pesky heel-biters from time to time – so I wanted to write and clarify the differences between them, as well as highlight some ways of moving past them.

In simple terms Anxiety is a crisis of action and Depression is a crisis of belief – or perhaps more accurately put – an absence of positive action and self-belief.

In our anxious moments, we literally feel paralysed from performing the very task that in our heart of hearts we know we must do.

This emotion rises because we simply believe ourself to be incapable or lacking in courage or bravery to take action.

Anxiety is not weakness, it is just a turning point in the ‘doing’ of living life. In the end it teaches us to discover and know the real self more fully.

Anxiety comes from the Ego mind consciousness. It is our shadowy reaction to facing a demanding situation or turn of events. In the moment of anxiety – one is thrust w-a-y past the comfort zone, into some grey space of floating no-thing-ness.

All at once, we cannot see, hear, think or sometimes even feel and it can appear all consuming and debilitating. We decide that situation requires more than we are unwilling or unable to give. The decision to do nothing appears to remove the current threat and we hope to return to a state of security and comfort.

Conversely it is this very inactivity to do the right thing no matter how hard, that puts us into deeper and deeper struggle.

Procrastination directly conflicts with the wise inner knowing and the authenticity of your true self. You may ask where does this knowing come from and can it be trusted? It is in your heart and soul contract – so yes absolutely.

One’s wisdom is rarely found in the separated ego consciousness. Instead it is in our sub/higher mind and heart.

As humans it is part of our Life Purpose to develop real awareness in and of all parts of ourselves.

An inherent Life Task for all who enter Earth School on the planet, is to get to know one’s sub/higher consciousness, as clearly and fluidly as the earthly mind.

This path of personal development requires willingness, commitment and perseverance. By extension this builds Life stamina and courage quite naturally, which in turn, stretches and broadens the scope of our comfort zone – thus lessening the grip of Anxiety.

In the end, we are all made to fulfill our true needs rather than our fake ego needs. Along the way it is sometimes easy to fall into the trap of taking short cuts or visiting our work on others to do the hardship for us.

Sometimes all we want to get away from all the grit and tough times in our life. We’ve all had these moments, been there, done it and we all still do it.

However there is no earthly constructed short cut or fast route that is ever for our best and highest good.

So the cure to Anxiety is to do what scares you most and be brave about it afterwards!! How then?????

In your non-anxious moments it is vital to cultivate habits, tools and techniques that you can use in a crisis.

Growing your comfort zone is a necessary part of the cure, as is staying in the Now. If you are always looking too far ahead you will definitely stress yourself out and make your present very grey, boring and unsatisfactory.

Working with the universal co-creation system is what actually helps the most and relieves anxiety, breaking it all down into ‘doing’ just one step at a time.

So if you are suffering from the paralysis of anxiety – reach out and get the healing help you need, as well as new life tools to assist your creation of a higher better outcome.

Start small with making tiny small changes and build up your change-fitness over time and you will start to notice small but beautiful shifts in how you react, respond, feel and act.

And one final word – understand you have way more talent than you give yourself credit for!

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