Sagittarius Tenure – 22 Nov-21st Dec – Angel Adnachiel

November 22, 2013

Sagittarius angel Adnachiel weaves quietly and peacefully through us in a way that reaches the deepest parts of our being. Once there – the energy of Adnachiel works wonders with his magic optimism!


Sagittarius i

Seasonally, Winter is a time for rest, passivity and contemplation of the labours of the last 12 months.  Questions like “How has this year been for me?” or “How have I managed myself and my life this year” arise.

In reviewing your efforts if you decide there is yet more to seek – then Angel Adnachiel will help you grow.

This angel’s limitless energy coupled with a sense of fun – helps you achieve your biggest leaps and breakthroughs.

Angel Adnachiel helps restore faith and inspires you once more to keep up with the personal progress of Life.

On a mundane level Adnachiel gives you courage to be confident, visionary and balanced enough to give yourself what is needed by expanding your personal world.

A desire to travel (either physically or metaphysically) can appear during this time. Or at least some sense of change of environment can occur.

Finally, Adnachiel also reminds us always  of the need to connect with Nature on a regular basis no matter what the weather and soak up the grounding energies of Mother Earth.

Connecting with Adnachiel – you may well receive many great ideas about what to do next or where to go next in your life.  Use his wisdom to help you discern and prioritise them!  It is wise to fulfill only our best plans. Call on his assistance to communicate  new-found enthusiasms and work co-operatively rather than dominantly, with those around you.

Crystal wise – try Lapis Lazuli perfect for calling in wisdom and Chrysocholla for simply being your true self or Turquoise for healing.

Sagittarius ii

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