Scorpio Tenure – 23rd October to 22nd November – Angel Barakiel/Barbiel

October 23, 2013

Scorpio 2

Scorpio is the sign that loves to go deep into the complexities of Life.  Contentious and unafraid afraid to raise taboo subjects – Scorpions are beyond average.

We all have Scorpio somewhere in our chart – so don’t think this doesn’t apply to you! Wherever you have Scorpio in your chart, you’re not quite average either. To find out where Scorpio hits in your chart visit


Angel Barakiel (aka Angel Barbiel), is the Angel ruler of Scorpio and the Angel of October.  He helps us  with all Scorpio tenents as well as  issues of risk-taking, optimizing opportunity, and self-development.

This Angel does wonderful work because he helps us transmute anger and intensity into compassion and self-development. If there’s an issue burning into your heart and soul because you’re furious with yourself or someone else and possibly desire revenge, ask Angel Barakiel for help to release yourself from this trap.

Utilise the powerful Autumn example and decide on what you can afford to let fall away and that which is wise and safe to keep.

As Barakiel helps you best deal with issues of risk-taking, opportunity and self-development of the up-close and very intense kind (so typically Scorpio), this is the perfect angel to help you work your own Autumn magic.

Invoke Angel Barakiel to help you weigh up the next best move for you.  Now is a great time to evaluate the planning around the personal life and how it measures up to your professional life.  Get help with issues of financial planning, recognition and development of new ventures and the completion of older projects too. Clear your decks before winter comes.

There is also a spiritual and psychic element to Barakiel’s healing energy, so you can ask him to work closely with this aspect of your life.

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