Virgo Tenure 23rd August-22nd September | Angel Hamaliel

August 24, 2014

Virgo ii


The gentle and peaceful Hamaliel is the Zodiac Angel for Virgo.  Traditionally Virgo traits are: good social skills, attention to detail, cooperative, practical, hard-working, organised, and a healthy diet discipline to gain optimum physical health.

Whatever your sign is – Hamaliel will work with you to better connect with all those Virgo strengths this month. The energy may feel somewhat understated – but do not underestimate the power of attending to the smaller details and structure of life. Such organisation is a stress buster move.  Virgo wisdom is about working all the elements into a whole, rather than making big sweeping changes.

Hamaliel’s energy can feel like very peaceful and studious and he is a contemplative taskmaster. There is nothing forced around his energy. Work to secure the routines that support and underpin the maintenance of your well-being.

Hamaliel sorts out relationships – especially around the workplace.  Ask Hamaliel to help you find the right tone and self-expression when putting your point across to a boss or colleague.  This is most definitely a time when you can make great improvements in the work zone, if you seize this opportunity. Similarly if you are looking for new work – call in Hamaliel to help boost your search.

Hamaliel wants to prepare you for a healthy, happy and fruitful life, so you are free to dream big and start with small do-able steps.

Hamaliel also asks you to observe any health areas that need re-balancing. His specific energy injects a sense discipline and commitment to follow through and make positive changes, at a core level of physical strength and health. This angel will help you re-calibrate your diet to a more healthy and balanced consumption and will help you to let go of any diet niggles or addictions. You can work together with Hamaliel and Archangel Raphael on this.

And finally he warns against falling into over-fastidiousness and a desire to be ‘perfect’, when doing your best will do just fine.

Hamaliel said:

“I come to you now in your need for self motivation, to push your attention into all corners of your life, so you can clean up any stagnating energies, behaviour patterns or set-ups.  Work well, do your best and then move on.”

Then he spoke using the analogy of a garden for one’s own life and said:

“Prepare the soil of your garden so you can see many flowers bloom.  Work hard to achieve expected blooms and also unexpected blooms.  For it is the unexpected flowers can bring as much joy (or even a little more) than those blooms you knew would come.

With the expected flower there is no sense of miracle, with the unexpected flower there is a sense of miracle, surprise and wonderment. 

Believe and understand that Miracles are ahead of each and every one of you!  Miracles come in all shapes and sizes and are tailored towards the individual’s need.    Every person has the right to dream in accordance with their life.  Go for your dream. Go for your miracle and prepare your garden to receive it.”

Crystal wise try:

Turquoise for wisdom, healing and letting go of what is not needed.

Blue Topaz for clarity in equal and balanced judgement, writing & communication and for assessing your good points and shadow points pragmatically.




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