What Does Liberation Mean to You?

May 13, 2018

2018 is a fascinating time to be alive and May is right up there as one of the most developmental months of the year.

There is such a frisson of infinite possibility and potential all around us.  This is what the revolution of Liberation feels like!

Massive transformations are looming – enticing us with the promise of freedom, purpose, relief, optimism, progress… I wonder where you will make your changes this month?

It cannot be said enough that we’d do best to expect the unexpected – or the radical – or the surreal !!!

It is my deepest wish for you all is that something new and wonderful arrives in your life to boost your happiness forever!

Know that what appears now is the genie in a bottle to make your real wishes come true!

The energies are so HIGH right now – intensifying all our emotions.

We are encouraged to be brave and follow the lead of everything turning on its head and to what happens.

This ride continues all month, and holds us captivated till November. Much will revealed over the next super seven months and thereafter the intensity will settle down.

It could really be the start of a Brave New World. Divine guidance abounds and we are in the throes of sorting the wheat from the chaff in our lives.

The ambition or destination point set for yourself this year (either by your human or higher self) will be served one way or another and often by living in duality.  You may find you are living the exact opposite of what you want for a while…

Why is that?

Usually because ego led human beings only learn the ‘hard’ way.  By experiencing contrast – we get to understand the combination of getting what we want most by not having that something instead.

For example – if you set “Regain Balance” as your biggest 2018 goal – you will experience the turbulence of living with Little or No Balance first.

It is in the contradiction that we learn to make better choices that lead to harmony and the fulfilment of desire.

You may start to find yourself asking the Divine universe to hear your prayer and make the juxtapose stop – so you can settle yourself into equilibrium.

The universe will respond by helping you to help yourself…  Either by challenging you enough that you break through a glass ceiling or by stripping away that which restricts your growth.  And all this will be done with lightening speed.

Personally I feel like I am swinging from the magnificent to the exasperating all in the skip of a heartbeat at the moment. It’s like going from breakdown to breakthrough all at once.  Crazy?? Yes. But really it’s crazy-good!

My Divine team encourage me to open my heart and speak from it, whilst forgiving, accepting and breathing out any anger and frustration up to Heaven for transmutation.

At times I forget in my human-ness.  Those are the not-so-good-times – but for the rest – I am calling on the Divine, for extra help and support as often as possible. I am also remembering/re-learning to clear and start a-fresh over and over every day, hour, or minute, whatever is required. Perhaps you are doing the same?

The big question right now is  – How much do you value yourself and your life – if at all?

Sometimes it’s as easy as allowing the gift of Surrender to flow you forward to the new state, relationship, job, or connection that is calling you.

Elsewhere – we feel lost, totally stumped, overwhelmed, clueless, lacking or  in the dark – waiting for the penny to drop.

Then again we might be sabotaged by our ego fears to do everything other than what’s best for ourselves.

This revealing phase is set to remind or teach you that your life is worthwhile.  Your happiness is worth fighting for and your sense of peace is a must!

However the solution doesn’t come out of over-control/domination, discord or withdrawal.  It is born out of balancing ourselves around others and the world at large.  That is a tall order and perhaps a life-long learning curve.

Sometimes we get impatient with that!

Often we tell the universe that we are ready and demanding of important change!  We implore our Higher Self or the Divine to make our desires happen rapidly.

Well look around you – this is THAT phase.  During 2018 – Change will come crashing in and perhaps decimate the status quo.  These energies will clear anything or anyone that prevents your soul’s progress in the quickest, most efficient ways.

If you are calling in your destiny – do not be particular about how it comes to you. Search for the Hidden Blessing in EVERY situation – it is always there…

I believe May is a time to be led rather than to try vainly to lead or control. There is so much potential cosmic chaos coming in, that it is a wise owl who hoots for joy at the in-coming shifts and waits to see what happens with them afterwards.

Learning to hold the ironic, tragic and volatile all together at once, is vital to your success.

So yep – free-falling is the name of the game, which for most adults is very uncomfortable and not something we allow too often – but trust the Divine and your Higher Self – they’ve got this!

You are held in your destiny and it really will work out for the very best. Remember too you will not be given anything you can’t handle!

And I am here for you – if you need clarity, healing, guidance, new ways of coping and a wee bit of humour to laugh at the seriousness of it all – call on me and we will face it together.

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