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September 3, 2017

Over recent weeks – many on the planet have survived wave after wave of shock therapy, in-your-face living and ferocious emotional intensity.

Comfort yourself with the truth that you will never again have to undertake that which you have just lived in the last 3 months. It is done now. The flames of intensity are subsiding…

Trust me when I say that the ring of burning fear you went through takes you onto the golden pathway that will light up your life, purpose and future.

So if you experienced turmoil at work – be sure you can progress your career into something exciting and powerful.

If the trauma was emotional – then understand the love and peace you seek really can be yours.

There has been an upturn in various symptoms as we did our best to cope:

– Stress / Fatigue / Sleeplessness – restless minds full of questions without answers, invisible unknown threats, fear, anger, random symbology, fast-paced visions and more – all spilling into our thoughts and dreams when we finally do fall to sleep

– Extremes / Compulsions / Addictions – all on the rise as we desperately tried to slow life down and fill the ‘hole in our soul’ with substance, habit, someone or something outside of ourselves

– Obsessions / Bus-i-ness – in an effort to ‘out-run’ introspection and contemplation

– Bodies / Diets / Health & Fitness Regimes – all creaked & aching under the pressure

– Focus, Enthusiasm & Productivity relegated to almost standstill as much as was safe to allow.  Motivation was directed to action what’s going to make me feel better the most and quickest!

– Fears blew up out of all proportion – ‘I feel like I’m dying here…’ (thankfully for most of us it was meant metaphorically but nonetheless feeling very real in the moment).

To name but a few…

However the biggest fear that came to you is exact the same route that will deliver the antidote to the problem. What hurts you most heals you most. 

So for example – if your job did you in – the medicine of a new job will restore faith in yourself and your life.  You get the picture…

Many of us are:
• Leaving dead-end jobs or business that no longer serve us
• Exiting personal relationships that don’t allow, support, celebrate or truly love the real You
• Quitting habits that vampire our energy
• Putting Yourself First – drawing lines & boundaries to help you live in your own truth – no matter how inconvenient that is for those who have a vested interest in you subjugating your truth for theirs for whatever reason… Yes uncomfortable at first but this is immensely wise and powerful living
• Rebirth and Connecting with new empowered parts of ourselves to explore and adventure with
• Lovingly committing to the quest of realising the true original self that lies within
• Rising like the Phoenix from the Ashes!!!

How I Can Help:
If you want help making sense of your experience – choose a reading.

If you need energy-boosting – take an aura cleanse/cord cutting

If you crave nurture & relief – an angel reiki healing session will work.

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