What’s It All About?

February 9, 2018

I’d bet my last dollar that you have already noticed we are undergoing major downloads of energy since the Full Moon eclipse on 31st January.

It was certainly one of the most beautiful and magical moons I’ve seen!

The introspection of its effects could be literally life-changing.

The intensity has been off the scale and the impressions are having variable impacts on all of us, depending on where we are in terms of our destiny and soul path.

However there are some universal effects such as:
– Sleeplessness
– Vivid/Weird dreams
– Rollercoaster Highs & Lows in Emotions and Energy Levels
– Heart over-ruling Head
– Strong emotional pulls towards people, places, situations that are unfinished or unresolved
– Impatience, Irritability, Anger, Rage
– Increased Desire for material things
– Wanting to Escape – especially from the mundane tasks & responsibilities
– Choosing Distractions to zone out of truth-consciousness
– Urge to create or procreate
– Dry skin/fingertips/lips, Sores, Burns, Dehydration
– ‘Losing’ Time
– Dramatic Upturns
– Wanting to give up on something before you’re really done with it
– Wanting to re-capture your youth
– Super-sizing everything!
– Increased Self-Belief
– Swift turnarounds in Law of Attraction
– Battle of the sexes
To name but a few…

This phase is asking us to consider how we actually live and the reasons why.

What are we enduring? How can we re-design that something for the better?

Remember if you are living holistically – your life will be harmonious and all the easier for it.  There will be flow and that means progress and in many cases, getting that which you desire most.

Now is a great time to examine where in your life there isn’t enough creative flow, fun or perhaps where there is an impasse or even a downright lack or dearth!

Work spiritually to harness the current influences to embrace the new.  There is so much inspiration to be had – it is literally pouring out of every moment.

However at the same time it may well be triggering shadowy effects, habits or addictions and there could be dramatic twists, turns, acting out and all other sorts of largesse.

If this is happening around you or to you – remember to stand tall in your power and not to engage with it as much as is possible.

If this is you – recognise that you are being shown by your higher self that it’s time for a positive change.

When we bury things – they have the right to rise again and burn us yet another time.  It is a sign of our times that all that has been repressed is surfacing now to bite us into healing action.

A craving, a row, an over-inflated emotional display, withdrawing, a loss, a lack, blaming others, a….you fill the blank – they are all cries for help from the wounded self highlighting where we do not feel ‘enough’.

If we continue to ignore signs – they only get bigger to get our full attention.

So view them kindly but firmly and set about a determined course to heal them.

The good news is that Repression and Suppression and holding on to everything negative are old habits, that as a human race, we will learn to drop in increasing amounts, as we steadily advance into the new modern age.

We can all do our part to help bring that new age into being by starting with ourselves and then helping others as they wake up to the fact that they too want this for themselves.

These are glorious and exciting times.  There is no turning back – and in the immortal lyrics of The Adventures 1988 hit….
I’m telling you
We’re only one step from heaven
Only one step from that golden dream


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