What’s It All About?

April 8, 2018

The over-riding theme of April is one of Change Change Change…only there’s a slight catch – in that we won’t feel able to action those changes until later down the line.

So probably a more accurate description is Prepare To Change.  Of course preparation is still action  and a great form of progress – but it’s just not the juicy action that most of our egos feed off.

April is a time to examine HOW we live our lives – is it to our satisfaction?

Do we wake up in the morning exhilarated to start the new day/week and if not – why not?  Who and What in your life needs fixing, re-vitalising, resurrecting, removing, releasing, re-inventing?

How to Be Happier will be the constant trigger. As well as thought-provoking analysis of where the Me, Myself & I fits or doesn’t fit with the unity of We are all in this togetherness.

There are So many levels to that one – it could have our heads in a spin!

Other constant companions are bad habits, addictions, wounds, blocks, missing parts of ourselves, inherited ancestral blocks, fears, anger, resentment and past-life hangovers.

All of which need to be worked out through all 5 plains of existence (physical, material world, emotional, mental & spiritual/energetic) and so we can see the need to get busy.

Easter weekend represents a real turning point moment both in cosmic energy support and in our own psyche – as we know that  it’s a great time to decide to change and grow – to kill off anything that no longer serves us – even if that is a whole persona or direction in life or institution such as a marriage or job – in preference to resurrect and re-birth it all into a more evolved, mastered existence.

What big decision are you struggling and grappling with? Here’s some of the highlights we can work with in April:

Relationships of all kinds are pivotal right now – does the ‘we’ satisfy the ‘me’ enough for it to be worthwhile?

Lovelife – are you living the Battle of the Sexes? Do you feel the need for new beginnings, venturing deeper into intimacy, alignment and commitment?  Or is it endings that gently and kindly but firmly need to happen?

Maybe it’s an ongoing power struggle that you are tired of but don’t know how to end? Start small and work up to bigger moves. Baby steps allow you to progress, whilst accepting the need to grow, let go, compromise or even seemingly capitulate on the way to your own preferred ending. Bide your time and leave safely with the least amount of drama or aggression.

Consider the relationship you have with your work life: does your career need reshaping to bring out more of the best of yourself and your talents?

Assess your relationship with your newsfeed/social media feed. Is reading all that fake junk news really entertaining, calming and informing you – or does it actually really harm you?

Is your relationship with your phone addiction getting out of hand?  We’d all sleep much better if we turned all the WiFi and mobile phones off at night. Phones/WiFi emit an energetic pulse that if only you could hear it actually S-c-r-e-e-c-h-e-s at us!

You would Instantly recoil from its sound if you heard it! Most of us can’t hear it so we are ignorant of the fact that peace-destroying screeches are continually bombarding and interfering with our senses and perceptions 24/7!!  But many of us Are conscious of a general dis-ease and wifi emissions are contributing to that as that screech goes right through us to our DNA.

Perhaps its the relationship with your destiny the choice that you’re grappling with – where are you selling yourself out or short?

The Fantastic news is that if you’re looking for a positive Change they are on special offer over Easter and April – Jesus and all the Divine Team are on hand to supply them.

Seriously this is a energy-fuelled month to initiate even if the action of it comes later.  Use the powerful, visceral effects of April for all they are worth and you can’t go wrong – you can only step onto a brighter Now and Future.

Connecting in ritual or being out in nature, meditation, chanting self-healing affirmations, sitting with crystals, making new plans or doing whatever with enough heartfelt intention can really push you to new heights this weekend/month.

So take your pick – where do you chose to rebirth today?

If you need help with any of the above or something else – I am always here to help you through.

I send you so much love for April and Beyond!

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