What’s It All About?

May 6, 2018

The reality is that we are born to be Magnificent.  That is the real Life Purpose – the reason we reincarnate to this planet – away from our true divine home.

Over the next 7-8 years we will begin to understand more keenly, that living small, denying our true potential and ignoring the heart’s yearnings – is not going to turn out so well for us or the planet!

In varying degrees we each have to face the inescapable nemesis of our lives more than ever before now…

There will be endings and new beginnings. The steps we took in the past deliver their consequences to us in the present and simultaneously start to shape our future.

We have arrived at the point where our fatalistic-self must meet our destiny co-creating self.   What is the outcome?  Only you can decide…

Will you choose to live dictated to by fate or decide to get involved in the self-discovery that lives by the maxim ‘prevention is better than cure’.

The purposeful force of Uranus currently flexing its muscles in heavy-hitting Taurus, is a fierce, unconventional combination.

Even if you are not Taurus Sun Sign – a part of your natal or birth chart has Taurus in it.  So this 8 year phase will affect everyone on the planet.

Dramatic, Sudden, Beneficial, Revolution, Freedom Fighting, Life-Enhancing are all good descriptors for this energy.

However it’s going to take some integration – for Uranus and Taurus are not natural bed-fellows – but I believe that of great help and benefit to us.

For Uranus  read: rapid, radical, rebellious, impulsive, explosive, rectifier, purposeful, uncompromising, movement, absolute, truth, ascension, freedom, bliss, destiny, soul-contract, authentic, compelling, unpredictable, Higher Self

For Taurus  read: slow, methodical, conservative, hard-working, stubborn/stuck, money, banking, sensitive, income generating, determined, caring, thorough, earthy, land/agriculture, real-estate, material security, determined, fair, equal, exchange.

In many ways this new period brings polar opposites into a single orbit and we will feel both the clash and the correspondence of it, in global terms and on personal levels.

So yes there will be revolutions where needed – but – with Taurus help, they can be enacted practically, carefully and considerately.

Following lightening bolts of exposure, clarity & uprising – the over-throw of all that holds us back in ‘slavery’ can begin.

We can each participate and work towards building a brighter status quo, that determinedly and systematically dismantles the corrupt repressive lives we are living.

It is not Taurus nature to throw caution to the wind – just for changes sake. But it is Taurus character to get a fair exchange, security, prioritise its own needs & comfort, and love the Earth & Nature in the process.

These transformations relate in our personal lives and the world at large.

The ripples will ask us all to reassess our motives, choices, actions and creations into a unified approach that works at once for the self and for all.  This is a new frontier and the enlightening is palpable.  I am so excited to see where your freedoms will lie!

For the next 8 years Uranus in Taurus will hold the spotlight on
– what holds us captive?
– where are we stuck?
– who/what controls us? – (right up to the point of tyranny)
– how honestly do we handle finances/banking/money matters?
– who/what has power over us?
– what are our core values?
– do we live by our values or do we sell out?
– Where is the integrity in the self or our leaders?
– where is there deceit – corruption -exploitation – elitism – contempt?
– how we care or don’t care for each other
– are we in synch with Nature?
– where are we sacrificing materialism for love & harmony?
– what freedoms are being taken away from us and why?
– how we treat the land & earth / agriculture & farming / water supplies / creatures & animals
– where we being stubborn?
– why we limit equality of abundance for all
– where are we receiving less than fair exchange
– what work needs to be done in order to put things right?
– where are we trying to shirk responsibility or effort?
– where should we persevere?
– Where do we need more tolerance?
– what/who can we really depend upon
– how should we work more for our own good?

Look at those tenets – they can be applied in every direction – to your relationship with yourself, with others, with your home or work life, your wealth-creation, within families.

They will be transposed to politics, banking & finance, the pharmaceutical / health industry, environmental issues, cleaning up farming practice & the food chain, re-distributing wealth on the planet so there is enough for all and in a way that is safe, ending wars in favour of peaceful solutions, investing and working hard to eradicate our social problems to name but a few…

So if there’s revolution to be made that weeds out care-less-ness(elitism/poisoning of the planet/haves & have nots) and exploitation(slavery/over-control/effort without true reward) and corruption(inequality/deceit) – then determined hard-working Taurus hands are the best to wage the giant shifts that are required.

If we need to revolutionise our banking and financial institutions – our real estate markets – our farming & agriculture approach to eradicate GMOs and more – our treatment of the planet poisoning or raping her of natural resources that have kept us safe for time immemorial – our tolerance of diversity on a global level to celebrate our humanness – our art and most of all our Love – then Taurus will put its shoulder to the grindstone and push through. Taurus will Not give up or give in!!  This strength will wash through us all during this time.

What do the two forces of Uranus & Taurus have in common?  Passion, Truth, Fairness, Equality, Abundance, Purpose, doing things the right way for the best results, which by the way, is Ascension.

Sure we are all busy with lots to do – but if we first invest in ourselves and our own development – we can secure the life we most want.

The task at hand is for each of us to become a positive energy transmitter.

The quicker we do – all the positive energy we put out – will reach the collective unconscious that surrounds the planet.  Sort yourself out and you contribute to the world being a healthier, happier, more peaceful place.

I know we can do this – I see it for each and every person on the planet – the divine right of happiness and peace.

If you need help orchestrating your own personal revolution – then I am here for you. Let’s take the first steps together – the future really is BRIGHT!


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