What’s It All About?

October 1, 2017

There is value in explaining once again just what a life-changer the last eclipse actually was and how its explosive action has catapulted us all into new virgin territory.

Lots of you are now embarking on new lives or phases that are filled with alignment, excitement, motivation and glee! And there are pockets of feel-good factor and relief to be had for all. But for others, there is still uncertainty right now.

Throughout September we’ve gone into self-analysis (sometimes even self-abuse) to try and figure out just who we are these days, whilst also perhaps worrying about what the world is coming to, in-between living out the daily to-do lists trying to achieve… Yep we’ve been busy.

Some of the thoughts echoing around the planet are:

  • Who AM I? – I don’t know who I am anymore ?!
  • Will the Natural world rampage the planet?
  • Why am I so isolated and feeling left behind?
  • Will there be a new devastating war?
  • Why is this happening to me?
  • What am I supposed to be doing or learning here?
  • I can’t see clearly anymore!!
  • Why does my life not feel Enough anymore?
  • Where can I escape to? I just want to get off the planet!
  • Where’s my peace/mojo/happiness/confidence/….. gone?

Well these are all valid right now, because literally everything is New. Granted it may look and appear (in the illusion that is the physical world) to be the same, but its not. This can be confusing – as we feel so different.

Trust your own senses when they tell you that YOU, the world, your place in the world and our collective future have all changed – that something has died in the blaze of the eclipse and something else is now being birthed

So here’s the first answers you need – there will Not be a war and Mother Nature will Not implode us. However do not underestimate just how much what we do in our own lives contributes, in energy form, to what occurs in the world around us. We can all help rein in this chaos by settling our own lives down as quickly as possible. The mirco of our lives affects the macro of the world/universe at large.

Most people are inherently show up as good, even with the stresses and the strains of late and put a lot of love out to the ether.

But also ask yourself

– where am I at war with myself or whom or what?

– where am I flooded with emotion or overwhelm?

– where is there an angry fire or old story burning inside of me?

– where am I refusing to see the true way forward?

– where am I self-sabotaging?

– where am I fighting a battle that I can’t win and should surrender to a higher more cooperative stance?

And then Determine to change just one of those imbalances at a time with all your strength and focus.

If you need help don’t hesitate to get it. The sooner you heal the quicker the world is saved. It’s a simple but crucial equation.

And know that you are not alone. Never alone. There is So Much love and universal support to tap into.

Some Suggestions on How I Can Help You This Month

  • Inner Child Healing – is more useful than ever right now to help us stabilise our emotions
  • Past Life Regression Therapy – reconnects and returns huge power and experience to the Self in the Now
  • Angel Reiki Healing – is as popular as ever for its soothing, relaxing and regenerative properties. I see clients climb onto the treatment table in bits and spring off in bliss
  • Cord Cutting – is vital to help for energy optimisation, to keep pace with all the current revelations and transitions
  • For all other treatments descriptions visit www.rosylife.com

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